Football and the World Cup in Qatar | A strange situation shakes the United States: parents saw the color red after playing time was lost

Football and the World Cup in Qatar |  A strange situation shakes the United States: parents saw the color red after playing time was lost

During the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the United States advanced from the group stage, but was stopped by the Netherlands in the round of 16. During the tournament, Borussia Dortmund player Geo Reina got very little playing time, which was a big surprise to many.

According to national team manager Greg Berhalter, chatworks Having stated that the team had “one player who clearly did not live up to expectations both on and off the field”. in Instagram posts Did Rena confirm that he is the one being talked about.

One out of 26 players emerged. The whole crew sat for hours figuring out what to do with this player. We were ready to book him a plane ticket, that’s how dangerous it was, Berhalter is said to have said.

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The remarks prompted Rina’s parents to respond forcefully, after which a great drama broke out between the parties who had previously had close relations.

Reported as a “threat”

During the tournament, Rina’s mother, Danielle, called the NFL and reported that Berhalter had experienced violence against his then-future wife in 1991.

The national team manager kicked what later became his wife in the leg during an argument while under the influence of drugs. Berhalter has Accident confirmedBut Rina’s mother thinks the matter is more serious than he expresses.

– I thought it was unfair that Jiu, who apologized for acting immature, was still being dragged through the mud. Greg also asked for and received forgiveness and he did something much worse at the same age, Danielle said.

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Like his mother, Rena’s father, Claudio, is said to have expressed unhappiness with the role his son played on Team USA. He played football himself and was, among other things, a national team player with Berhalter.

The former footballer confirmed that he had sent messages to his former teammates and current boyfriends, Ernie Stewart and Brian McBride. They are respectively the athletic director and general manager of the NFL.

– While in Qatar, I shared my frustrations about my son’s World Cup experience with a number of close friends, including Ernie and Brian. But I’ve never, ever, ever threatened anyone, Claudio says, and says the letters began when his son was told he didn’t want to have any major starring roles.

We were close friends

What makes everything even more complicated is the close relationship that previously existed between Reyna’s family and the Berhalter family.

Berhalter’s wife shared a room with Danielle and was a classmate of hers during her studies. Father Claudio Berhalter also played there in the same team for four years.

In a statement to the national team coach, he downplayed the severity of the incident, which Danielle blamed, and said that this was the beginning of a 25-year marriage. Together they have four children.

Mama Rina does not buy the explanation, and believes that in his statement he downplays the seriousness of the offense that occurred on the night in question. She goes on to say that his wife was her best friend, and that she had to support her through the trauma afterwards.

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– It took me a long time to forgive and accept Greg after that, but I worked hard to give him grace. I hoped and expected him to bestow the same grace on Jiu. This is why the current situation is so painful and difficult for me.

After the NFL learned of the incident, it immediately hired a law firm to conduct an independent investigation into the matter.

It was announced Wednesday that assistant coach Anthony Hudson will lead the team through training camp in January. Berhalter will still be able to continue with his job once the investigation is over, according to the Football Association.

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