Football, artificial intelligence | Emily has fooled billionaires and football stars

Football, artificial intelligence |  Emily has fooled billionaires and football stars

Many newspapers wrote that the 23-year-old received direct messages from football stars, millionaires and mixed martial arts athletes. There are many famous names among Pellegrini's nearly 250,000 Instagram followers.

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The influencer has been a hit online, but the story behind the profile has surprised many. The new social media personality is not real, but rather one created by artificial intelligence.

– Chat GPT asked what the average man's dream lady looks like. The answer I got was brown hair and long legs, so I created it that way, says the person behind Pellegrini He said in an interview.

The person has chosen to remain anonymous.

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– Manipulation

Inga Strömke, associate professor of artificial intelligence at NTNU, isn't sure if this Instagram trick is legal at all.

– I think it's manipulative to present AI-generated content as if it were human-made. The law in this area is not entirely clear to me, but my understanding is that counterfeiting is illegal. But as far as I know, AI-generated content doesn't have to be labeled, she told Netavisen.

Strömke points out that AI-generated content must initially be labeled, and this will likely become mandatory in the future.

– I don't know how common it is for AI to be used to create fake profiles, but I do know that pure AI profiles, i.e. profiles that explicitly and intentionally use AI-generated content, are becoming popular. “I myself follow an AI profile on Instagram, but it's mostly out of curiosity,” she says.

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Hoping for organization

Pellegrini's Instagram user does not express that the person has been created by artificial intelligence, nor is it categorized in any way. An interview with the creator has revealed that the 23-year-old is not real.

– It is difficult to say what the development and not least regulations will look like in the future, but personally I hope we will agree on a standard for verifying senders. So — instead of thinking we'll be able to detect all fake content — we'd rather find a way to verify content that is actually human-made, Stromke says.

But she points out that the task will not be easy and that in this case it will be a major project. However, a verification program will be absolutely crucial to the future of AI.

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It can cause major problems

Strömke makes no secret of the fact that “artificial intelligence,” as it is abbreviated in English, can lead to challenges.

– Perhaps only imagination sets limits to the problems it can create, but we already see that we are entering an era in which we can no longer trust digital content. Only a few years ago, as far as I knew, video recordings could be used as evidence; That time is over.

AI-created people like Pellegrini have already caused headaches for many. Its creator admitted that he lives a kind of double life with the profile and has to constantly respond to big stars in his inbox. The person claims that a high-profile German soccer player requested the influencer's contact information.

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– There was a moment when I thought, what is happening? It was a professional footballer who wondered: “How could such a beautiful lady not have a boyfriend?” says the person behind Pellegrini.

The person did not reveal the name of the supposedly big football star.

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