Football, Premier League | Haaland scored when Lloris again had to put up with harsh criticism

Football, Premier League |  Haaland scored when Lloris again had to put up with harsh criticism

Manchester City – Tottenham 4-2:

Manchester City were booed in the dressing room by their supporters after losing 2-0 at home to Tottenham in the Premier League match on Thursday.

But after the break, a completely different City team came onto the field, and Julian Alvarez, Erling Braut Haaland and Riyad Mahrez made sure to turn the match in favor of the home team.

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– His manager failed again

Once again, heavy criticism was directed at Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who was also scrutinized by experts in the Lunon derby against Arsenal after questionable goalkeeper play.

– Again, then, Hugo Lloris. He gave Aston Villa the start they needed. He gave Arsenal the lead with an own goal. And only when the game swings, when he has to make sure that the game goes the right way, then he again disappoints his manager Antonio Conte, Kasper Wikestad comments on Fiplay.

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Expert commentator Nils Johan Semp votes in:

– Lloris, that’s not a good goalkeeper when he leaves him in the closest corner, even if it’s with the foot. Semp says he shouldn’t go to that corner over there.

Sky Sports expert and former Manchester United player Gary Neville wasn’t terribly impressed either.

Mahrez hits it well, but Lloris can’t be fooled at the near post there, Neville says of City’s third goal.

Pipe party

After a relatively quiet first half, Erling Braut Haaland suddenly had two useful chances at the end of the half, without ever being able to top Hugo Lloris.

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Instead, it was Tottenham who severely punished Manchester City after an egregious failure of the City defence.

Goalkeeper Ederson tried to play the ball into Rodri’s legs inside the penalty area, but the City player wrapped himself well and lost the ball under intense pressure from the Tottenham forwards.

The ball went straight to the feet of Dejan Kulesvski, who placed the ball perfectly, before tipping it 1-0 to Tottenham.

Soon after, Harry Kane was swooping in for the visitors on the right. The Tottenham captain fought for the ball, before smashing the ball towards goal from a corner. Ederson came back, and Emerson Royal headed it 2-0.

Jan Age Vjortoft stood on the indoor court and reported shock and disbelief at the federation.

– Guardiola wonders what to do, and Erling Haaland jumped right off the field. The crowd around me is already in shock. Because, after two goals from Tottenham, something had to happen in the second half for the Blues from Manchester, Fjørtoft said on Viaplay.

Crazy transformation

After the break, it was a very different Tottenham side who walked out on the Etihad ground after being called at half-time with a 0-2 draw.

51 minutes of play when Riyad Mahrez advanced on the right side and hit the ball in the penalty area. After a bit of fumbling, Julian Alvarez was able to put the gearbox down.

Soon after, it was Haaland’s turn. And a long ball hit Mahrez at the back post with her head again to the Norwegian player, who added a header and headed it 2-2.

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After being involved in the first two goals, Riyad Mahrez decided to take matters into his own hands before mid-half. The City winger caressed a cross over the edge, pulled away and finished in the near corner – City tipped it over.

Towards the end of the match, Mahrez took advantage of weak defensive play and won 4-2 against Lloris.

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