June 6, 2023


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Football, Real Madrid |  The fall of Eden Hazard stuns

Football, Real Madrid | The fall of Eden Hazard stuns

Having established himself as one of the best Chelsea players in the world, Eden Hazard was sold to Real Madrid for over €100 million in the summer of 2019.

The transfer fee and salary bag would probably make most players involved in such a transfer steeper, but Hazard has emerged in the lead-up to the season being overweight.

Since then, there have been four goals in three LaLiga seasons for the Belgian star player, who has been repeatedly named Premier League Player of the Year.

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Wieland: – This is where the problems began

La Liga expert Peter Wieland, who follows La Liga closely, has some thoughts on when things went wrong with Hazard at Real Madrid – and that was early on.

– I’ve had a theory there of problems started. Unverifiable or denied, until the main character himself says something he can confirm or deny, Veland starts Nettavisen.

– I think the moment he signed for Real Madrid, he reached his goal. The moment he put pen to paper, Wieland says, he lost a few percentage points of what it takes to succeed at that level there.

– overweight

The theory is justified by Hazard’s injury history at Chelsea, compared to Real Madrid. Match history shows that the Belgian played more than 30 Premier League matches every year he was at Chelsea.

– He was barely injured during his seven years at Chelsea. There were no problems with physics, neither in the club team nor in the national team. He simply played every game, and there were no problems with the physics. He then signs for Real Madrid and appears due to pre-season weight gain, Wieland recalls.

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The LaLiga expert doesn’t necessarily think this was a conscious choice by Hazard, but he may have inadvertently lowered himself a few points when he hit his target.

– There are some pictures of naked upper body that are not suitable for top athletes. At least not when you get paid like you get in this club over there. He was subsequently injured. It may be a coincidence, but it persists and is not handled properly. Now he is in a downward spiral that is difficult to break out of, says Wieland.

Lives in Real Madrid

After the Champions League victory over Liverpool in May, Hazard made it clear that he had no plans to leave the club.

Everyone knows I have a contract until 2024. My first three seasons didn’t go well, so I want to show everyone what I can do. Hazard said: It has always been my dream to play for Real Madrid, and it still is.

Wieland does not believe that Real Madrid have plans to sell him, and sees in Hazard’s comments a kind of apology to the fans.

– I consider it almost a hidden argument. As if “I know this wasn’t good enough, but next year you’ll see the best version of me. Well, maybe I’ve been unlucky, I’m allowed to have bad luck, but I might be a little to blame for this, so here’s my apology ». I interpreted it, says Wieland.

Eden Hazard has played 66 matches in all competitions and scored six goals for Real Madrid since his move in 2019.

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