– For most of us the infection is over

- For most of us the infection is over

According to the vaccine researcher, those who are fully vaccinated should not be particularly concerned about infection. The Norwegian Directorate of Health points out that people with high rates of infection can overload the health service.

Vaccine researcher Gunnveig Grødeland believes that those who are fully vaccinated often breathe a sigh of relief.
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– For those who are well vaccinated, the risk of infection is associated with a very low risk. At the same time, if we have a lot of infections in the community and there is too much burden on the health care system of those in the risk groups, it affects us as well. But more importantly, those who have been fully vaccinated do not have to worry too much about the infection, says Kunweek Grotland, an immunologist and vaccine researcher at the University of Oslo. N.R.K.

He believes that if the health service has the capacity to treat the seriously ill, it can greatly facilitate its activities.

– For most people, the epidemic is over, the vaccine researcher believes.

The store still warns

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr disagreed with Støre Grødeland.

– You know, I do not agree with that statement. Jonas Kahr tells the store (labor) NRK that we have an infection that could escalate sharply.

The Prime Minister explains this as follows.

– It is half dangerous, but if it is twice as contagious, we may have contracted many diseases at once, many of them seriously. Then there is the problem with the health system. And it affects all of us. We need to take into account the absence of much disease that can affect key areas of society.

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FHI: Omikron is less dangerous

The FHI said on Wednesday that it could be established with a higher probability of causing Omigron to cause one-third or one-half of serious illness, similar to the delta variant.

Health Director Bjrn Gouldwalk reports that most people who are vaccinated with two or three doses will have milder illness.

– But if many people become infected at the same time, we may even be fully vaccinated, and some will become seriously ill and be hospitalized. If there are too many of them, it could overload the health service, Goldwalk points out.


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