For six minutes, fireworks burst in connection with the birthday celebration: – absolutely disgusting

For six minutes, fireworks burst in connection with the birthday celebration: – absolutely disgusting

Sandavika heard the noise. Many argue that this is legal.

Short version

Christian Ringnes' 70th birthday celebration in Oslo on Friday evening was more than just birthday party guests.

Six minutes of fireworks confirmed it.

Police wrote that they had received “several complaints” of collisions at X just before 11:00 p.m. Many people have responded to the X report of the police. They write, among other things:

“Thunder at Winter's Windows.”

“Here's Sandivica's bangs I heard.”

“Shaking on New Buildings in Lorraine.”

“I live in Sagene and the whole block shook.”

“Looks like explosions (alternatively bombarded) by Chognswan.”

City council representative Evind Tradal (MDG) was also able to witness the bursting of firecrackers.

“I think disturbing half the city with fireworks in the middle of the night, including many victims of war or terrorism, is a bad way to celebrate a birthday. No fun for animals and birds. He signs off. X.

There is also City Council colleague Ola Wolf Elvold (SV). Same message. Additionally, he criticizes the law:

“We have regulations on fireworks that practically give you the right to set off as many as you want as long as you don't set the city on fire, which is absolutely disgusting.”

In 2022, Sirin Stav (MDG), who was an environmental councilor in Oslo at the time, argued for a law that would give municipalities a chance. Bursting of firecrackers may be prohibited.

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Organiser: I will not comment

North Star Fireworks AS was responsible for the launch from two ships and a barge in the harbor basin in Oslo.

The fireworks company did not want to answer Optenbosten's questions about yesterday's fireworks display.

– Sorry, I can only refer to you. Beyond that, I have no comment,” writes managing director Andreas Helle in an SMS.

He's off piste, and general manager John Axel mentions Syberg Experience Company, or “experience agency” in Norwegian, according to its own website. He was the organizer responsible for Ringnes' birthday celebration on Friday.

Among other things, Aftenposten asked why they chose to set off the fireworks so late. Cyborg wouldn't answer our questions either.

What does the main character think? Christian Ringnes has also received an inquiry via SMS from Aftenposten. But he didn't answer either.

This map sketch shows the three launch sites in the harbor basin and their associated buffer zones.

– The responsibility rests with the organizer

Fireworks are basically prohibited inside Ring 2. throughout the year. But for certified pyrotechnicians, the matter is different. The Oslo Fire and Rescue Service (OBRE) decides that.

– As long as they keep their application and delivery in order, and all requirements are met, we have to offer a delivery, says Sigurd Folkero Dalen, communications manager.

He understands that both humans and animals react to noise and that it is frightening.

– We have great understanding and compassion, but it is not up to us to weigh this in the decision on delivery.

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received criticism

Dalen calls Friday's launch “very serious” and says that with large launches like this, a lot of fire is directed at OBRE.

– We get a lot of criticism for bad announcements, but that is primarily the responsibility of the organizer. As we did, we still choose to announce in advance X.

As noted, the police wrote in X that they received several complaints of vandalism on Friday evening. When Aftenposten called on Saturday, the police could not say how many investigations were involved.

Got more clearance

The fireworks company also had to apply for a permit from the Port of Oslo.

Following this, Oslo Harbor has given permission to explode fireworks yesterday Section 14 At Ports and Water Law, communications manager Siv Ellen Omland tells Optenposten.

– We assess the content of the application depending on whether it interferes with safety and traffic at sea. not that. That's why they got permission.

Aftenposten has seen the permit Oslo Harbor gave to the organizer.

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