– Force me to fight for myself – VG

- Force me to fight for myself - VG
FAMOUS FACE: This is how a lot of people know Rebecca Black (24) – now she has to change her music style and appearance.

A decade after Rebecca Black, 24, released the viral single “Friday,” she’s opening up about what she’s learned from being ridiculed around the world.


The music video for “Friday” was uploaded to YouTube when Rebecca Black was 13 years old. It was described as so bad that it became popular. Black himself was always determined to create a real music career after his first attempt at a pop song turned out to be a joke.

Now the artist believes that the concept of her music is about to change. The initially hated song has now acquired “legendary status”, which the artist appreciates.

It’s still weird to hear how people view the song now, especially when people use phrases like “it was a cultural phenomenon”. It’s sick, says Rebecca Black, 24, in an interview with the American magazine diverse.

life changing

Black had already told VG that she He wasn’t prepared for all the hate that came next That song was released. In 2017, Black made his “return” attempt in the spotlight.

Now she says that the song changed her life in many ways and that it went through many ups and downs.

– I think it forced me to learn to fight for myself. It taught me a lot about strength and how important it is. As an artist, one of the biggest parts is having your own perspective and knowing why you do what you do.

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first round

With her new six-song project “Rebecca Black Was Here,” the artist wants to show that she’s more than just “one wonder,” Variety writes.

“I think this is the first time I’ve put things a little more under my control,” says Black.

She is now preparing for her first US tour, which begins in early 2022. The artist says many things have changed over the past year. In 2020, she opened up that she is gay. During the Corona pandemic, she worked to create a musical career.

Earlier this year, Black also released a remix of “Friday” along with 3OH! 3 and Big Freedia. She admits that a few years ago it was completely unreasonable to do this. She hopes that fans will get a different view of her character as an artist now.

Look at the image below to see what black looks like today:

– I hope my fans feel that they can not only recognize me, but feel that they heard in some of these songs. They are about love and experiences in this world. The artist says I feel very proud to be able to share it.

Black says she loves being on stage and now she’s making songs that she’s proud of.

– I’ve realized that there will probably always be a group of people who always look at me as a “Friday” girl and nothing else. that’s good. I have redefined myself.

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Known at 13 years old

After becoming world famous for creating “The Worst Song of All Time”, Black has completely disappeared from the spotlight. I described attention as intense.

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– There was a lot of pressure on me. But on the other hand, it opened up opportunities to realize my dreams, as I told VG in 2017.

The music video has always been one of the most viewed clips on YouTube.

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