Foreign newspaper: Here, Microsoft will build two of its three new cloud centers in the Nordic region

Foreign newspaper: Here, Microsoft will build two of its three new cloud centers in the Nordic region

Two of Microsoft’s three new cloud centers will be established in Denmark at Faxe and Slagelse. Writes SN.

In December 2020, Microsoft presented the company’s new plans to build three new data centers in Denmark.


Since then, the American giant has not wanted to reveal the location of the three facilities. But anonymous sources spoke to the Danish newspaper to reveal two out of three sites.

Faxe is a western port city in Zealand with a population of about 4,000, while Slagels is on the east coast. With a population of 32,000, it is the eighth largest city in New Zealand.

In total, the centers will occupy 30 thousand square meters of land.

The centers are modular, ultra-high-capacity facilities that consume more than 75 megawatts of power.

These are very large installations that will be run by Microsoft itself. A typical ultra-strong core uses 20 times the power of many current Norwegian co-location centers.

local data

Microsoft President Brad Smith believes that creating a data center district would give Danish customers the opportunity to store data locally, make the company’s cloud technology more accessible, and assured Danes that their data would be stored in good hands.

– It’s a great day for Microsoft in Denmark. Smith said:

The investment is an expression of our great appreciation for Denmark’s green and digital leadership globally, and our desire to contribute positively to Denmark’s future, Smith continues.

The Danish Armed Forces were very enthusiastic about the establishment.

used for artificial intelligence research

They believed that Microsoft’s new data center area would ensure they had access to information technology and data capacity that they could not build themselves.

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Among other things, the defense believed that they could not generate enough computing power to work on their AI projects.

– So I look forward to collaborating with Microsoft on the specific opportunities that the new data center area opens for the Armed Forces, said Director of Information Kristian Vengsgaard at the Danish Armed Forces when the investment became known.

Amazon Web Services has only One cloud area in the North Districtnear Stockholm, Sweden. This contains three access areas. In addition, it has so-called “edge sites” in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

This offers only a limited set of company services.

Norway is planning

Google has yet There are no cloud regions In Scandinavia, but was established in Finland several years ago. The company opened a data center near Fredericia in Denmark in December last year, but it hasn’t been included yet Google Cloud Network.

The company has also made preparations to set up data centers in Horndal, northwest of Stockholm in Sweden. In addition, they purchased a plot of land in Skien in Norway.

government report «Data centers in Norway: a multiplier effect analysis of completed and potential facilitiesIt states that Google will use the site to build a high-speed hub in Norway within a few years.

The Norwegian Mines Data Center Lefdal noted increased demand and Prepare to invest in Norway recently from the global market.

– Many international clients are looking at us now. We expect Norway to be as attractive as Sweden and Denmark. In particular, we are seeing a lot of demand in Germany. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but an essential part of the basis for the decision.

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Climate neutrality has become a prerequisite for global companies. The global climate is getting more and more important, CEO Jørn Skaane told my Lefdal data center to in early June.

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