Forest fires in Sicily: – The neighbors said we had to run

Forest fires in Sicily: – The neighbors said we had to run

There is a severe fire in Sicily, Italy. On Monday evening, 19-year-old Alexander Persvangen Johansen and the group were forced to evacuate.


Persvangen-Johansen is located in the Mondello district of Palermo, which is part of Sicily.

– The whole mountain began to burn. We had to vacate the apartment we rented. It was the neighbors who said we had to move away – the flames are less than a kilometer away now, Persvangen Johansen tells VG at 10:30pm on Monday, Norwegian time.

Persvangen-Johansen says it started burning on the mountain during the day on Monday.

– It was 42 degrees here today. A fire broke out on the edge of the mountain, and the fire brigade put out some, but not all, of the fire. Then the fire began to burn more, and the flames now descended towards all the houses, says the Norwegian, who is in a traveling group of five in total.

He says they may now have to try to find a hotel where they can spend the night, and perhaps also the remaining five days of vacation.

– It’s a bit embarrassing to spend more money on finding another place to live, says Persvangen-Johansen.

Alexander Persvangen-Johansen (19) Niklas Bergestad (19) in Mondello, while wildfires blazing in the background.

Yahoo News writes that the fire service attempted to stem a wildfire in the area on Monday.

The website also wrote that pictures from the area show fire planes and helicopters dropping water bombs in the area.

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In addition, firefighting crews from neighboring towns must be called to the area.

And the Reuters news agency wrote on Sunday that Sicily had suffered a power outage as a result of the heat wave and high temperatures.

According to the news agency, the temperature rose as high as 47 degrees in some places in the region on Sunday. That’s only 1.8 degrees colder than Europe’s record heat.

A forest fire is said to have broken out in the southern region of Calabria, more than 400 kilometers from Modello.


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