‘Forget 8K TVs if the EU does this’

'Forget 8K TVs if the EU does this'

If you have a new TV, you may have noticed frequent warnings about increased power consumption when higher brightness is activated and the like.

Which makes it virtually impossible on 8K TVs

But it does not stop with the problems in the menu system, because now the new energy rules in the European Union especially threaten the incoming flood of 8K TVs.

The problem is that from March 1, 2023 new and stricter energy rules may come into effect.

OLED TVs are allowed to use slightly more power than LCD TVs, while there are currently no requirements for microLED and all types of 8K panels. Thus, this exception will probably disappear in March next year.

Samsung thinks it will work, but…

Samsung has already warned that it will be very difficult to manage lowering the 8K power requirement to the point where it is acceptable to customers.

In any case, it will have to be solved by compromise, which, in turn, will negatively affect the quality of the image. The best TVs have perfect black levels with plenty of brightness.

Unless something changes, from March 2023 there will be problems for the growing 8K industry. Then the new EU regulations for electricity consumption will come into effect. Power consumption limits for 8K TVs (and microLED-based displays) are set so low that almost none of these devices are acceptable.

8K . Association

FlatpanelsHD has calculated the maximum w for different types of TVs (4 and 8K) based on the “Energy Efficiency Index:”

  • 40″ – Max: 48 W
  • 42 Ohm – Max: 53 W
  • 48″ – Max: 66 W
  • 55 – Max: 84 W
  • 65″ – Max: 112 W
  • 75 Ohm – Max: 141 W
  • 77″ – Max: 148 W
  • 83 – Max: 164 W
  • 85 – Max.: 169 W
  • 88 – Max: 178 W
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