Former head of the FSB: – Putin is terribly afraid and knows that he is in trouble

Former head of the FSB: – Putin is terribly afraid and knows that he is in trouble

Putin really misjudged how firmly the West stood up to him and failed to recognize the incompetence of his military. This is what retired FSB General Yevgeny Savostyanov claims to the Daily Mail.

– Putin is now terribly afraid. Savostyanov says he understands that he is in trouble.

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Savostyanov believes that the Russian president should thank himself for the state the country is in in one year after the invasion.

– He lived happily with everything in his hands, but he went and ruined everything. He is now in such a weak psychological state that he clings to any possibility of victory, he says.

Savostyanov, who was the head of the Moscow branch of the FSB before Putin came to power in 2000, believes that the Russian president fears the wrath of those who have “lost everything” as a result of the war.

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I think the Russians will be the biggest losers

Friday marks one year since the invasion of Ukraine. Putin claimed that the goal was to “demilitarize and disarm the Nazis” in the country.

Ukrainian forces prevented a quick Russian victory, and what Russia calls a private military operation has become slow trench warfare in eastern and southern Ukraine. Neither side is showing signs of giving up, and there is little prospect of an immediate end to the conflict.

Savostyanov believed that the Russian people would be the biggest losers in the war.

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– They will live in very poor conditions anyway, it is inevitable.

reduced to “third world leader”

He believes that Russia’s role in the world is constantly deteriorating and that it is now reduced to a kind of “third world leader”, but that support will only last as long as financial support lasts.

Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited a number of African countries in what appears to be a charm offensive to get new partners in the alliance.

Savostyanov claims that the time will come when Russia will face empty shelves, shortages of goods, poor people, and technical decline in all areas.

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