Former SAS employee: – Felt like a robot

Portrett av Millie Kverneland foran bygning

– I am angry. I would have been even more angry if someone had treated me the way the SAS chief treats his staff.

Kverneland worked as a flight attendant at SAS from 2014-2016. He explained that working up to 60 hours a week is hard work.

In a public post on Facebook that has been shared over 2,000 times, he takes a strong stand against both SAS leadership and media coverage of the strike – which he believes is one-sided.

– I am tired of the media’s focus on innocent third parties.

She thinks many people don’t understand what an airline strike is In fact About.

– The crux of the case is that SAS management is in breach of a contract. This should be very clear. He says now the whole focus is on everyone who will miss the holidays.

– Deceiving its employees

900 pilots went on strike last week on Monday. Today around 30,000 passengers are stranded. The SAS and their pilots disagreed over pay. Central to the conflict was the creation of two staff organizations.

About 560 pilots lose their jobs during the pandemic. They want their jobs back and say the SAS is trying to avoid its obligations to bring back sacked pilots.

Staffing companies have different pay and working conditions, and pilots are not bound by the original collective agreements they had in their old positions.

SAS rejects this. They believe that the company takes all contracts into account.

– If SAS does not follow the lease, it is a breach of contract. But it’s also deceiving its employees, Kverneland says.

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SAS: – Don’t share a picture of reality

NRK has presented criticism to SAS from Kverneland. Press manager Donjay Sund writes in an email:

We respect that different perspectives exist and listen to what she has to say, while we don’t share that picture of reality.

He also writes that they have established a five-year re-employment right for pilots, and the impression is given that this is not the case in the ongoing conflict.

We are doing our best to do this, but strikes and heavy losses are not making it easy now.

Sund emphasizes that all SAS employees based in Scandinavia have Scandinavian contracts with Scandinavian regulations and Scandinavian unions.

Felt like a random number in a row

Kverneland believes the distance between SAS leasing and other employees at the airline is too high.

– When I worked at SAS, I felt like a random number in a row. A kind of robot only had to perform its work tasks. As cabin crew I have no connection with the charter.

– Traditionally, there has been a very large gap between charter and flying personnel in the SAS. It’s completely different from Norwegian, says BI’s associate professor Espen Andersen.

The airline analyst explains that SAS follows a Swedish tradition – with more remote management.

– There are big differences in the business world. It’s more professional in Sweden, but down to earth in Norway, he says.

Aviation analyst Espen Andersson says SAS follows a Swedish tradition – with management more distant than airlines such as Norwegian.

Photo: Kunhild Hermundrud / NRK

– Touch to see answer

Long work weeks and flights of up to 14 hours are just a few reasons to leave Greenland SAS. He now works with recruiting within marketing and has a normal work week.

Good colleagues kept her on the plane a little longer, she said.

– I had very loyal and caring colleagues who were very happy with their work.

There are many people who contacted him after posting on Facebook. Thank you SAS staff for putting words to a difficult situation.

– SAS pilots have massive support from all over Norway. As a former employee, he concludes, I think it’s very touching to see.

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