Former SP leader Osloj Haga calls in Norway for immediate measures to increase renewable energy production – NRK Trøndelag

Knut Strømøy

– The government should increase support for the development of solar panels, and we should invest as much as possible in energy efficiency, says Haga.

Pressure continues on the government as a result of high electricity prices.

Last week, the former LO leader criticized

Gerd Leif Falla criticized the government for being passive behind the scenes and having trouble explaining.

Before, mayors were in the southwest of the Labor Party

required procedures,

The more votes both the Center Party and LO have

Ask for maximum price arrangements.

Now former SP leader Haga is demanding that the government take immediate measures for renewable energy. She was also a Minister of State and held several ministerial positions.

Today, Haga is the Managing Director of Norwea Norsk Vindkraftforening.

Norway is asking the government to increase subsidies for the installation of solar panels.

Photo: Adan Tassamma / NRK

More investment in sun, wind and water

Haga wants to facilitate the development of renewable energy, and proposes an action plan that accelerates the development of new production.

She believes that it is necessary to shorten the concession period, so that good renewable energy projects can be realized faster. Whether it is wind, solar or hydropower upgrade.

– We must also encourage municipalities to provide land for distribution, so that we can take advantage of the wonderful potential that Norway has for renewable energy, says Haga.

She thinks the main problem with electricity prices is that we have so little renewable energy, especially in southern Norway.

We must not make unwise and short-term decisions. “We have to deal with the fundamental problem, which is getting more renewable energy,” Haga says.

Nooria also wants to abolish the electricity tax, to lower people’s electricity bills.

Åslaug Haga

Åslaug Haga became Norwea’s general manager in 2021, and is calling on the government to facilitate the development of renewable energy.

Photo: Nader Alam/NRK

He must listen to the people

Haja points out the importance of listening to local decision makers in the licensing process.

When problems arose locally, many politicians in the European Parliament put their tails between their legs. The former Socialist Party leader says they did not stand by the decisions they had already made.

At Frøya in Trøndelag, there has been significant opposition to wind energy.

– Just look at the attention received by “People’s Action Against Wind Power on Freya”. It has spread across the country, and it shows how important it is to take people into account.

So said Knut Arne Stromoy, deputy mayor of the Center Party in Freya.

The Frøya wind farm was completed in the fall of 2020, and consists of 14 wind turbines.

In the 2005 referendum, there was barely a majority in favor of the wind power plant. The license was granted in 2013.

After that, the opposition grew stronger. In a new referendum in 2019, 80 percent voted against the wind power plant, which was not taken into account.

Saving the economy decides

Strømøy warns other municipalities, and believes that much of the reason Frøya residents agreed in 2005 was due to many years of poor municipal funding.

– In my opinion, the weakness of municipal finance was of great and decisive importance. Municipalities with poor finances who think they can try wind energy should think again.

He fears that politicians will use municipal finances as an excuse to set up wind power plants.

Strømøy also agrees that it is important to develop more renewable energy in Norway.

We must make hydropower more efficient, look at wave power and solar power and focus on how to save energy. We must find other ways of producing power than destroying nature.

Great investment in offshore wind

Many of the procedures that Nooria is referring to are good ones.

This is said Andreas Byland Eriksen, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

If we want to ensure that enough renewable energy is generated at affordable prices in the future, we need to build more renewable energy generation. We need to strengthen our transmission network and we need more energy conservation in our country.

The government’s investment in offshore wind energy is also highlighted by Peyland Eriksen.

The plans will build offshore winds roughly equivalent to the entire Norwegian energy system today. We are also keen to develop good projects in the countries in which they are accepted.

Andreas Peland Eriksen

Minister of State in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Andreas Peland Eriksen.

Photo: Nader Alam/NRK

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