Formula 1, Taylor Swift | Rumors abound: – I prefer not to comment

Formula 1, Taylor Swift |  Rumors abound: – I prefer not to comment

If it were up to Fernando Alonso, he would probably prefer to be in the spotlight to achieve good results in Formula 1 this season. But despite the fact that the 41-year-old is ranked third in the abstract, he’s still not much of a catch these days.

It is rumored that Alonso is dating superstar Taylor Swift. Alonso has been asked several times about the alleged romantic relationship. to spanish marca However, he was ready:

I separate my private life from my professional life. I prefer not to comment on this, it is said that he said this after a race in Azerbaijan.

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Despite the fact that he wanted to keep everything private, he himself helped add fuel to the fire. Earlier this week, he posted a video on TikTok of him winking at the camera while a Taylor Swift song plays in the background.

Below, comment on “Feeling 33,” perhaps referring to Swift’s popular song “Feeling 22.” He also wrote “The Era of the Race Week” under the video, possibly in reference to the artist’s “Eras Tour,” according to daily Mail.

The TikTok video meant that even Formula 1’s special correspondents had to pop the dating question into their channels, too.

The Formula 1 season has just begun and the drivers have only driven three official Grands Prix, as well as two pre-start test races. The next competition will be held in Azerbaijan this weekend.

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