Found a rat’s head at lunch – again

Found a rat’s head at lunch – again

On June 1, a student at Nanchang University, China, posted a photo showing “a body with teeth, eyes, and a nose,” which the student received in his rice bowl at the university’s canteen.

Now it seems to have happened again.

He claimed the neck of a duck

After first discovering a rat’s head, food inspectors claimed it was a duck’s neck that the student had eaten.

– How did the duck’s neck grow? asks one of the several thousand people who interacted with the student’s video, according to South China Morning Post.

Subsequent investigations categorically rejected this claim and confirmed that it was a rat’s head, according to what he said China Daily.

Thunder for a change

happened again

The newspaper now also writes that the market regulation agency in Xiushan County has realized that a fresh rat head was found in the lunch of an unlucky canteen guest.

The newspaper said that the discovery was made this time in the canteen of a traditional Chinese medicine hospital.

A wildlife camera in the Wolong Nature Reserve in China captured a very rare sight. Video: AP. Correspondent: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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China Daily writes that the hospital, which has its canteen food provided by an outside state-owned supplier, has never had similar results before.

It is not revealed if it is the same supplier that delivers food to the university.


In the wake of the mouse head discoveries, people have reacted strongly on social media, with many searching to find someone to take responsibility for the UFOs.

Claims that the object was the neck of a duck also caused people to react.

Not acknowledging his mistakes will only lead to more problems. An angry user wrote after discovering the first rat head in early June that, according to SCMP, the more you hide the truth, the more it damages credibility.

– From now on, cafeterias must install cameras and play surveillance video in the food court, an angry Weibo user writes, according to Reuters.

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