Found in Russian wreck

Found in Russian wreck

“GPS receivers were found taped to the dashboards of the crashed Russian Su-34 planes, so pilots will know where they are due to the poor quality of their systems,” he said. According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, independent.

In addition, several Russian vehicles with maps of Ukraine from the 80s were found.

poor maintenance

There have been reports of poor combat readiness, insufficient equipment, and poor morale among Russian soldiers since the invasion on February 24.

“Russian vehicles were not properly maintained and many logistics vehicles were frozen, blowing out cheap tires, all because of poor maintenance or the money for maintenance was spent on other things,” he says.

He adds:

While Russia has large amounts of artillery and tanks that they would like to display, they are unable to use it to attack and instead resort to a lot of arbitrary barriers.

vandal: The Polish embassy in Moscow was vandalized. Video: @nexta.
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He made many mistakes

Wallace believes that Russian forces in the Donbass region continue to use outdated tactics.

“They make a lot of mistakes, but their response has been more bombing and more brutality,” Wallace said. NBC News.

– Given that this must be a major repositioning, it hasn’t gone well so far. They still have trouble getting the effect they want.

The British Ministry of Defense said this week that Russia’s war in Ukraine has revealed that Russia lacks the ability to carry out precision attacks.

Shoots: This video posted on social media shows the moment a Russian tank was bombed in Mariupol from above.
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at Intelligence update She referred to Russia’s earlier claim that the country was able to carry out precision attacks so that Ukrainian cities avoided damage, according to the newspaper. Watchman.

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But this turned out to be not the case, writes the ministry, which at the same time claimed that Russia’s stocks of precision weapons have fallen sharply since the start of the invasion on February 24.

– This forced the use of available, but older ammunition, which is less reliable, less accurate and easier to shoot down. Monday’s update said Russia will likely struggle to replace the precision weapons already in use.

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