Fragments in Norway’s Delight: Manum’s Injury – VG

Fragments in Norway's Delight: Manum's Injury - VG

(Kosovo-Norway 0-3) The win over Kosovo should have been much bigger – but Norway has a 13-0 goal difference after two World Cup qualifiers.


Last Thursday, Norway beat Armenia 10-0 in its opening match. Kosovo were a slightly better team and managed to limit the loss to 0-3 in Pristina on Tuesday night.

The bad news is that Arsenal’s Frieda Manum has been helped off the pitch as an injury meant he was unable to finish the match.

– Frida received a bruised rib, press officer Engfeld Isaacsen reported to VG late Tuesday night.

According to the Great Medical Dictionary, a “bruise” is “a crushing injury associated with a blow or blow to the body.”

The injury does not suit Arsenal very much:

Maanum will naturally report the injury to Arsenal first.

Ingvild Isaksen VG reports that the national team doctor says she’s “probably been in pain for a while, but assumes she’s back in play relatively quickly”.

Martin Sjögren is very pleased that Norway managed to create so many chances, and he was not happy that there were only three goals.

We must score at least eight goals. We just have to admit that we weren’t good enough to score today. We just have to make sure she gets better for the next game, says Caroline Graham Hansen in the interview that the national team itself posted on social media.

– We must identify opportunities that we did not identify today when we face Poland and Belgium.

– I am happy with these two games when we get six points and have a 13-0 goal difference, but it will be completely different when we get to the next two games, against Poland and Belgium, the two toughest opponents in this group in advance, national team coach Martin Sjogren tells VG.

– It would be a completely different kind of match. Our defense was not tested in these two matches against Armenia and Kosovo. But if we maintain the same structure as now, we have great chances of achieving good results also in the next meeting, Al Suwaidi continues.

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Martin Sjögren’s team took the lead with an own goal. Frida Maanum was played by Guro Reiten, who headed in the direction of Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland. She never got the ball, because Viola Avdoli of Kosovo put the ball into her own net. By then, 12 minutes had passed.

The score came 2-0 when Amelie Ekland put down the right flank and Julie Blackstad entered Rosenborg’s jewel in the race. The ball reached a tricky height, but Blackstadt hit the ball, finding its way into the net visors under the crossbar.

Norway completely dominated in the first half and should have scored more goals.

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3-0 came with a nice attack. Guru Ritten and Frida Manum combined well, and Lisa Marie Carlsing Outland had the honor of putting the ball into an open goal.

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Samme Utland failed to shake his legs to advance 4-0, and substitute Vilde Bøe Risa fired the ball from short distance.

At the start of the match, Amelie Aekland may have been denied a goal because the ball was apparently over the goal line, but the Estonian referee’s trio meant something else.

Keeper Cecilie Fiskerstrand had more than enough to keep warm. She has not conceded any goal so far in the World Cup qualifiers. Kosovo was barely halfway across the field of Norway.

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Martin Sjögren has made three changes since the starting line-up against Armenia: outside at the top, Ingrid Serstad Engin in midfield and Amalie Aikland on the right wing.

Systad Engen returned after being injured, but this time she had to walk off the field after suffering a blow to her neck. However, it does not seem that it is dangerous for the Barcelona player.

Kosovo played 1-1 against its neighbor Albania in its first qualifying match.

Norway’s next match will be against Poland on October 21. The World Cup finals will be held in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

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