Frank Locke was furious: – Be respectful!

Frank Locke was furious: – Be respectful!

Posted by Netavisen a week ago Comment Its political editor, Eric Stephenson, signed it. In the commentary, Stephenson wrote that “Frank Locke's ego trip to Mount Everest” could in no way be called an achievement.

In grief: – Incredibly sad

He also described the feat as “stupid”.

On Tuesday, the two met for a discussion on “DoxNit 18,” Stephenson from the studio and Frank Locke, 44, from Kathmandu. And the atmosphere got warmer there.

Best at a party: Frank Locke didn't skip a party on his way up Mount Everest. Video: Red Runner.
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– I think you should call them

On the show, Locke said the comment was sent to him after it was published and that he was surprised by the content — especially since Stephenson believed climbing Mount Everest was not a feat.

– I think you should call the five families of my teammates who lost their lives and tell them that climbing Everest is not an achievement, protested the 44-year-old, and asks for respect for the deceased.

Critically acclaimed: - Impressed

Critically acclaimed: – Impressed

On the other hand, the editor points out that such travel is a leisure or entertainment for those with more money or sponsors. If you want to show respect to the dead, you should do it by completing such journeys.

Discussion: Frank Loke and Eric Stephensen were guest speakers at Dogknit 18 on Tuesday.  Photo: Screenshot

Discussion: Frank Loke and Eric Stephensen were guest speakers at Dogknit 18 on Tuesday. Photo: Screenshot
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Løke disagrees:

– This is serious sport, we are chasing the moment of glory. It's the tallest mountain in the world, and it's true that people don't understand why you want to stand there. It's serious, it's dangerous, it's in the cards, but you have to respect the people who are down here and who try, Locke believes.

– You have to stop

During the trip, Lok visited various camps and worked to acclimatize to the summit, before visiting Camp 3 and then flying to Kathmandu by helicopter to rest.

Confirms the violation

Confirms the violation

Locke completed what is called a cycle, meaning he slowly but surely went up and down in altitude to acclimate to the altitude.

On the way down: Frank Loke, along with Sherpas Tsering and Tashi, climbs and descends Mount Everest for the second time.  Photo: Private

On the way down: Frank Loke, along with Sherpas Tsering and Tashi, climbs and descends Mount Everest for the second time. Photo: Private
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However, the Kathmandu trip was criticized by many and he was accused of cheating – something he categorically denied.

A trip to Kathmandu is also brought up in the commentary.

“On the one hand, we see the absurdity of pretending you're some kind of polar hero while you're transported between base camp and pizza in a diner,” reads part of the concept.

bubble: Before Frank Locke left for Nepal to climb Mount Everest without an oxygen supply, a farewell party was held, which included a special “function”.
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When it became a topic in “Dagsnytt 18”, Løke turned on all the plugs. There he said that climbing Everest is all about preparation and habit, and that's exactly what he did. He spares little for criticism.

– You sit at home and don't even know what's going on here. You're sitting on the couch eating crisps and commenting on something you know nothing about. You have to stop doing that, Locke rages.

- peaked

– Reached the top

– almost ridiculous

Stephenson tells Talkblade that he found the idea of ​​sofa and crisps a joke. However, there was one thing he noticed about Locke.

– The most remarkable thing is how much he cared about the number of dead, which was some measure of his achievement.

Frank Locke had to abandon his record attempt at the last camp of Mount Everest. Video: Nora Bagedun
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– I understand very well that on such trips you can enter a kind of bubble, but now he seemed almost like the leader of a kind of death cult, Stephenson continues.

Sharing new photos

Sharing new photos

The author also believes that the safety assessments surrounding the trip have been criticized.

– Based on the death toll, he says it has to be the worst planned trip “ever” with the worst safety ratings.

Pity: Frank Locke brought juicy ideas to the production of the TV2 series “Winnerscale”. Now he tells why. Correspondent: Jonas Hammer. Video: Klaus Fjelrow/ Thea Hope/ Red Runner
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When asked how his experience in the studio with Locke was, he replied:

– I found the session almost ridiculous, where Frank Locke was able to show his personality very well.

He concealed the breach

He concealed the breach

Dagbladet submitted a review by Løke Stephansen. The former says the following about the criticism:

“I don't want to spend too much time with people who don't know what it's like to climb Mount Everest”.

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