Frank Ocean with diamond penis ring

Frank Ocean with diamond penis ring

It’s been six years since American artist Frank Ocean (34) released the popular album “Blond” in 2016. After that, fans only received singles every now and then – without hearing anything else about a new album.

Now, however, you can get an insight into what Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Francis Ocean, spent the last time.

Recently, the 34-year-old luxury brand Homer released a new collection of accessories that included jewelry, earrings, a key ring, and last but not least – a diamond ring.

This is what the American music site writes pitchfork.

amazing price

Surprisingly, the luxury set is not cheap.

The cheapest you can get is the key ring, which costs 3,688 NOK, while the gold, diamond-encrusted penis ring costs a staggering NOK 248220.

On the brand’s Instagram, you can see the shimmering penis jewelry — presumably on display on Ocean’s own penis.

Rumors of a new album

At the beginning of August, Frank Ocean was announced to be one of the main artists during next year’s Coachella Festival – the largest music festival in North America.

After the news was published, rumors spread that a new album was on its way to perform at the festival.

Ocean actually broke through in 2012 with the album “Channel Orange”. He is known for his hits like “Ivy”, “Novacane”, “Lost” and others.

In the past, he has also worked as a ghostwriter – a writer who writes anonymously to others – for major artists such as Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and John Legend.

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