Frederickson Art in the National Museum – Frederickson does not interfere in the contract

Frederickson Art in the National Museum - Frederickson does not interfere in the contract

The daughters of Norway’s richest man, John Frederickson – Sicily and Katherine Frederickson – have been given a full room at the National Museum to display works from their own art collection. Several hundred million kroner will be used to buy art and invest in joint ventures Postposton.

However, the collaboration between the museum and Frederickson’s daughters was not without controversy. Many have responded that the daughters of Norway’s richest people – and those who do not pay taxes to Norway – can lend their art collection to the National Museum. Red in respondents.

Sent by the party’s parliamentary representative, Hedge Bay Nyholt Written question Anette Trettebergstuen, Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, requiring an inquiry into the agreement between the National Museum and the Fredriksen Family Art Company, in accordance with the National Museum’s social work and international guidelines.

Tretterbergstein’s answer to Nyholt’s question goes further into the case.


When asked by Dockbladet why Nyholt reacts, he says it’s twice.

– Among other things, there are many things about the contract that may raise the question of whether they benefit. This is not a selfless act, Nieholt tells Dagbladet.

He also points to Dagbladet’s previous case, where Marion, the editor of the art magazine Kunstkritikk, reacted harshly to the deal. He called it “art washing.”

– On the other hand, if you get guidance that allows you to invest in the art of maximizing your wealth, it is a business. Then it will be something other than lending to private art from your own collection. We are questioning the deal, says Nyholt.

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The contract the museum made with Frederickson’s daughters covered a ten-year term. The museum, among other things, will borrow parts of the ship owners’ ‘heirs’ art collection, and Frederickson’s daughters will fund several major exhibitions and research projects.

Dockblade has sent a critique of Katherine and Sicily Friedrickson’s press conference from Nieholt. Criticism has not yet been answered.

– Decide on cooperation yourself

In a reply to Nyholt from Anette Trettebergstuen, the Minister replied that the agreement between the National Museum and the Fredriksen Family Art Institute was in line with the preconditions for state grants. He adds that it is common for publicly sponsored museums and private actors to enter into collaborations.

– The National Museum is an independent foundation that determines what kind of collaborative agreements they choose to make with individual actors. So the ministry does not go to every case, Tretbergstuen responds.

Odin Adelston Avon Bowman, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Culture and Gender Equality, tells Dagbladet that the National Museum must ensure that their contracts comply with the International Museum Council’s (ICOM) protocol.

– Of course, we assume that the museum does not compromise with its independence, professional values ​​and the freedom and autonomy of art, Bohmann tells Dagbladet.

Following the opening of the museum, Anne-Birte Rasmussen Snilsberg, the museum’s joint manager, said the National Museum had been instructed in political guidelines to increase its own revenue. Therefore, they need to work with more partners.

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Bowman responded that Norwegian museums have historically existed and are still dependent on private contributors, given the need for the National Museum and other museums to self-generate revenue.

– Most of the funds of museums are based on their own income. Museums should use their potential for their own income and create sources of income other than public grants, Boman says.

– Problem

Nyholt generally believes that the National Museum – like other museums – should increase its own revenue. Nyholt believes that museums have become stores because of this.

– It is difficult for us to see museums as a store. They have another social mission, that they should observe and report on art and history. If the need for self-income is to be strong it will be eliminated, says Nyholt.

She warns that Rødt will pursue the case. Overall, they will follow the need for self-income.

– If you do not have a claim for self-income, you are unlikely to set aside a room for the family’s personal art collection.

Review: Sicily Friedrichson (left) and Katherine Friedrichson were criticized for exhibiting their art collection at the National Museum.  Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB

Review: Sicily Friedrichson (left) and Katherine Friedrichson were criticized for exhibiting their art collection at the National Museum. Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB
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– A good deal

Dagbladet Nyholt’s reports submitted to the National Museum. When asked if the museum had chosen partners other than the Frederickson sisters, the museum’s director of communication, Eric Kidland, replied that the museum’s deal with the Frederickson sisters was a “very good deal” if it did not have the same requirements for self-income.

– Kydland tells Dagbladet that this, among other things, gives us the opportunity to showcase world-class international artwork, create changing exhibitions with international artists, and create a research project.

He adds that it is a fact that cultural life depends on private funds, whether you like it or not. It is clear among politicians that cultural life can earn its own income, despite popular support programs.

– Then cultural institutions need to think anew and test new forms of collaboration, which often generates debate. Guidland says our main task is the same anyway.

Guidland adds that the political signals of the Solberg government and the Store government are that museums should strengthen and protect their own revenue.

– We have to deal with this. At the same time, Guidland says it is important for us that the National Museum receive adequate public funding to carry out our social mission of creating, managing, researching, making available and disseminating the largest collection of Norwegian art, architecture and design. .

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