Frederiksen ship loading in a Russian port near Crimea – E24

Frederiksen ship loading in a Russian port near Crimea - E24

Fighting took place in the area. Front Line says it will no longer sail to Russian ports.

On Thursday evening, the ship was in a nest at the entrance to Istanbul’s Black Sea, but earlier this week, the Front Cougar was in a Russian port. To the strongman on the left front line, John Frederiksen.


The Front Cougar ship of the John Frederiksen-controlled shipping company, Front Line, arrived Thursday at the entrance to the Black Sea to Istanbul, after loading naphtha – a product for use in oil refineries – in the slightly Black Sea Russian city of Novorossiysk. more than a day ago.

According to Marine Traffic, the ship set sail from the Russian port shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

Novorossiysk is a port city on the Russian Black Sea coast, near the Crimea.

The city is also located at the entrance to the Ashov Sea, where Mariupol is a port city. Mariupol is one of the most war-affected cities in UkraineHundreds were killed in fierce fighting.

Contractually binding

Frontline CEO Lars Barstad confirms to E24 that the company’s ships were there, and says they are contractually obligated to carry out the voyage.

Frontline conducted a comprehensive safety analysis of the ship’s captain, crew, technical director and outside advisors before we allowed the ship to set sail. We were contractually obligated to sail, when safety turned out to be satisfactory, he wrote in an email Thursday night.

The ship was halted before Russia invaded Ukraine and sanctions were imposed at pre-invasion rates, he continues.

‘Front Cougar’ in a harbor outside Liverpool, England in July 2019. Image republished with permission from the photographer.

Huge space

It was TradeWinds shipping site Who first mentioned the sailing of the “Front Cougars” to the Russian city. They quoted Barstad that he should have said “good luck on one last ship outside Russia” – good luck on one last ship outside Russia – and that it “was out of the question” not to complete the contract.

He wrote to E24 that the issue was “completely taken out of context,” and reiterates that they have made extensive assessments.

– Although the Black Sea seems small on a globe, it is a vast territory, and where the ship sailed, of course, no threat to any ship has been reported, neither before nor after, for that matter.

Lars Barstad, CEO of Frontline.

He will avoid Russian ports

The front-line chief also wrote that they would now refrain from sailing to ports controlled by Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

– In this escalating situation, of course, we avoid sailing to Russian ports, Lars Barstad told E24.

The Front Cougar is a 250-meter long tanker made in China. It is owned by a “single purpose” company which is in turn controlled by the listed company Frontline Ltd, with John Fredriksen being the dominant owner.

On Thursday night, the ship was in the nest at the entrance to the Black Sea to the Bosphorus and Istanbul.

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