Fredrik Eklund on children: – They have to work a little to get money.

Fredrik Eklund on children: – They have to work a little to get money.

Swedish luxury goods broker Fredrik Eklund, 47, became a familiar face to many when he appeared on the TV show “Million Dollar Listing New York.” The 45-year-old has had a successful career as a broker in New York, but also in Los Angeles.

- I had a monster inside me.

– I had a monster inside me.

On social media, Eklund certainly loves to bathe in luxury with his wife, Derek Kaplan, 49, and their two children, Mila and Freddie.

In addition to his career, the millionaire is also a keen investor in real estate, stocks and startups. But despite having millions in the bank, he won’t give any money to children, according to the report. to hand in.

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Eklund describes himself as a fun, loving father, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have demands on his children. They don't get paid without working with them, just like he does.

- Time for the next chapter

– Time for the next chapter

“I’ve gotten advice from people I look up to who have had success with their kids. They say you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about money with kids, but in the right way,” Frederick tells Hunt.

– They have to work a little bit to get the money, maybe ten or twenty dollars, and then they can decide for themselves what to buy. He explains that if they want to buy candy or Nintendo games, they can do that or if they want to save money.

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The 47-year-old previously told us it was a difficult and emotional road to achieving his dream of becoming a father.

“I was very emotional, and it was rooted in the fact that I was raised gay. When our surrogate mother miscarried multiple times, I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough to have a family. It was a heavy burden,” he added. “I took it personally.” Aftonbladet newly.

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