Fredrikstad, astronomy | A new light in the sky in Fredrikstad: – It’s something completely unique

Fredrikstad, astronomy |  A new light in the sky in Fredrikstad: - It's something completely unique

– Your meteorites? Rocket? Reader writes to Fredriksstad Blad on Saturday evening.

She had seen a bright phenomenon in the sky at 9:30 p.m., just before dark.

Others also approached and sent pictures of the light, which can be seen as a thick yellow-white band.

meteor shower

On the same day, FB . reported mysterious light that had moved across the sky the night before.

It could have been several things, but it turned out to be a rocket launched in California.

However, the light that was visible on Saturday night was like a shooting star.

It came from the Perseid meteor, which was at its most intense on Friday and Saturday.

– Totally unique

It is by far the most famous meteor shower of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Not least, it hit the ground with full intensity in the middle of the hottest nights of the year, writes the magazine illustrator flag.

– With 80 to 200 stars an hour in the best years, comfortable temperatures and a three-day maximum, it’s really hard to find an excuse to not settle in a lawn chair and put your neck back.

The magazine has a separate directory with dates when there is a greater chance of seeing shooting stars.

Various meteor showers have also been carefully described.

Falling stars are awesome, and the experience of standing still and following a meteor as it burns through Earth’s atmosphere is something completely unique, assures Illustrert Vitenskap.

She is shrouded in mystery, hope, and the feeling that dominates her being a small piece in an infinitely large universe.

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A grain of sand weighs a gram

Although the massive star appears large, the streaks of light are made up of tiny cosmic particles, usually the dust of comets.

The site says so hemcalendin.

– The particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of up to 250,000 km / h, the site says.

Amazingly, they are about the size of a grain of sand and usually weigh a gram or less. Particles and air heat up due to friction, and that’s what we see as meteors.


meteorites They are particles and objects in space with sizes that can vary from a small grain of sand to huge rocks.

The meteors that cause meteor showers are usually small particles and dust from comets.

One meteor or a shooting star It is the result of a meteorite penetrating Earth’s atmosphere at high speed and creating everything from weak to very strong streaks of light in the sky.

If the meteor did not burn up in the atmosphere, but fell to Earth, it is called a meteor.

These sky stones consist of primitive materials from the beginning of the solar system.

Through analyzes in laboratories, they can teach us the structure and formation of the solar system more than 4.5 billion years ago.


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