Fredrikstad, Krakeroy | Strawberry Girls move to Værstetorvet

Fredrikstad, Krakeroy | Strawberry Girls move to Værstetorvet

Already in March 2021, Trondheim-based Bitastad AS, which owns both Sabrura and Jordbærpikene, signed a lease with the shopping centre.

Good reception

Since 2008, Linn Marlen Starup has been running Jordbærpikene at Amfi Borg in Sarpsborg.

She plans to continue doing so while running the new café in Fredrikstad.

– It was very good to run in Sarpsborg. We were received very well there, so we hope the same will happen when we now also come to Fredrikstad,” says Starup.

Strawberry girls

It started in Behavn in Trondheim in 2003.

The idea came from Lars Lien, a food writer, TV chef and long-time member of the National Chefs Team.

He wanted to create a cozy street café in shopping malls. An ideal meeting place that can be used as a cafe and fine dining venue.

All branches offer takeaway meals.

An extensive menu is offered. Coffee, cakes, spreads, salads, soups and dinner dishes such as lasagna and burgers.

Hoping for rain

Something Starup has always lacked in its Sarpsborg location is outdoor seating. This means that on sunny days there are often fewer people in the café than when it rains.

– My kids tend to say I'm the only one who hopes it rains, because it's better for us. Not many people want it to rain all summer long, Starup says with a laugh.

However, she can now stop hoping for bad weather, because in Værstetovet, Jordbærpikene will be dining outdoors.

It will be located on the second floor near sushi restaurant Sabrura, and Starup estimates it can accommodate 100 guests at a time.

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From the outdoor terrace, guests can enjoy a view of the new terraced houses, or “townhouses” as they are also called.

These shops and restaurants will enter Værstetorvet.


  • Amundsen Special (food products)

  • Anton Sport (sports store)

  • Pharmacy 1 (Pharmacy)

  • Bjorklund (Jewelry & Watches)

  • Clas Olsson (Things for home and garden)

  • Coop Ob hypermarket (including groceries, textiles and household goods)

  • Eurosco (shoe store)

  • feel (internal)

  • Floyd (Women's Clothing)

  • Frederic and Louise (perfumes)

  • Freequent (Women's Clothing)

  • Gant (clothes for women, men and children)

  • Garnpikene (yarn and knitting accessories)

  • Gernia (kitchen tools etc.)

  • Baby (textiles and interior decoration)

  • Kitchen (kitchen equipment)

  • Krug Optic (Optician)

  • Lykia (game store)

  • Levi's (women's, men's and kids' clothing)

  • Life (healthy food)

  • Lindex (women's and children's clothing)

  • Mr Green (Flowers)

  • Musty (Pet Shop)

  • Apprentice (children's clothing)

  • Nikita (hairdresser)

  • Nile (interior and others)

  • Norli (library)

  • Normal (cosmetics etc.)

  • Næss since 1955 (bags and clothes)

  • Outland (Games & Comics)

  • power (Electronics, opens in Værste Nord)

  • Gift (kitchen utensils, crockery, etc.)

  • Renault Hansen (clothes and accessories for women and men)

  • Ritual (skin and body care)

  • Telenor (mobile phones and accessories)

  • Trio for kids (children's clothing)

  • wine monopoly (drinks)
  • Vita (skin care and cosmetics)

  • Volt (Men's Clothing)

  • hest (clothes)

Food is worse

Other service locations

In addition, the Blanchebin Medical Center will be relocated to the center.

In total, there will be 70-80 stores in the centre divided between Værste South and North, as well as health and wellness players.

All the stores in the above list will enter Værste Syd, with the exception of Power, which is the only known store to be built in Værste Nord, where construction work will begin soon.

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Travel period

Without outdoor seating, Starup says summer is a fairly quiet time for them.

However, it's not quiet around the opening here in Fredrikstad.

“We're opening during one of our busiest periods,” Starup says.

She goes on to say that there are already ten employees at the café in Sarpsborg, but she has to hire at least a dozen new people for the new restaurant.

– I don't think many people will come from Sarpsborg. We have a very good team there, and if someone joins, I will have to hire new people there anyway. Maybe we should have at least a dozen, she says.

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