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Free: Prey - ITavisen

Epic Games wears spender pants most of the year, but it gets even more intense around Christmas time when they hand out free games daily rather than weekly. We’re halfway through the 15-day daily free-to-play event, but it may already look as if the rest of the games to be distributed have been revealed.

Updated Dec 26th 12:53 AM:

victim Free to download until 18:00 today.

He was right in today’s match

What has been distributed so far is the following:

  • December 16: Shenmue III
  • December 17: neon abyss
  • December 18: What remains of the ashes
  • December 19: The Disappearance of Ethan Carter
  • December 20: hero ring
  • December 21: The Second Extinction

On December 19, an image was posted on Reddit that likely shows the remaining games. In the past, it turns out one was right that Second Extinction will be played for free today, December 22nd, so that the person in question doesn’t lack credibility.

These games are coming

The remaining games are as follows:

  • December 22: Humanity
  • December 23: Shifting Year Zero: The Road to Eden
  • December 24: Vampire
  • December 25: Pathfinder: Kingmaker
  • December 26: victim

It was pointed out, for the sake of clarity, that this was not confirmed however.

The Epic Games event runs for 15 days and runs until December 30th, and the free games will remain yours as long as you have an Epic Games account. Unfortunately, free games can’t be claimed yet, but if you follow along, you can still pick up some games in the coming days.

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