French Football League | Lionel Messi with unbridled scoring at the premiere: – Beautiful!

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Clermont – Paris Saint-Germain 0-5

The reigning series champion did almost all the work in the first half of the series opening against Claremont.

Neymar has shown impressive brilliance in the pre-season, and has fully boosted his performance. The Brazilian did not give up until he scored a goal and added two goals after 45 minutes.

– He’s been in his own league here now, Neymar. Netavizen and Dirksport commentator Robin Haugen commented that it’s clearly in great shape, almost the best I’ve seen.

The evening was completed when Lionel Messi also ended up being top scorer with two goals.

– It’s a two-star game room. The Argentine could have laughed about it himself. It’s a perfect night for PSG.

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The star also had an unusual result, when it was played, he threw himself back and kicked the ball to make it 5-0 for the visitors.

Brass kick. For the first time in his career. It is simply beautiful.

Here you can see the highlights of the match:

good start

PSG’s side were in the mood from the start facing Elbasan Rachani and Clermont, giving the hosts a difficult start to the season.

Kylian Mbappe was forced to retire due to injury ahead of Saturday’s game, but the team does not appear to have missed the star in a major way.

The score came 1-0 when the other two superstars, Neymar and Lionel Messi, found each other. He was a bit lucky from the latter, but Neymar was in criticism when he intercepted a bad touch from Messi and knocked in front.

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Right-back Achraf Hakimi also participated in the match, as he participated in a violent offensive march. That’s what Neymar, who rolled through the Moroccan, realized. The 23-year-old was relentlessly alone with the goalkeeper:

– This ending there is worthy of striker Achraf Hakimi, who came from Haugen when the replay was flipped on screen.

– He enjoys football

Neymar and Messi were both smiling before scoring 3-0, when the star duo were smiling in a standing position. He is clearly satisfied with the situation.

– You can see that things are flowing at the moment, for both Neymar and Messi. They are clearly enjoying football at the moment.

Seconds later, Neymar made a perfect cross pass on the forehead of captain Marquinhos, who headed the 3-0 goal.

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You can win the Messi kit in the competition below:

Lionel Messi managed to skip the match, but then everything fell apart. First, he started on his first match after impressive sets with Neymar, before ending the night with a crazy copper kick.

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