May 28, 2023


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French League 1 |  A new scandal in French football:

French League 1 | A new scandal in French football:

The big confrontation between Lyon and Marseille finally came to a halt after Dimitri Payet was hit in the head with a bottle.

Lyon – Marcel 0-0:

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“Choc des Olympiques” developed into a real scandal after Payet was hit in the head by a bottleneck when he had to take a corner kick early in the first round of the big Direktesport showdown.

The Marseille captain went straight to the ground and was left in great pain, and the match was stopped, an hour and a half before after which it was announced that it would resume.

The Lyon players went out to warm up again, but the Marseille players remained in the locker room, and many of them seemed to be angry that the match had not stopped.

In the end, Lyon also had to return to the locker room, and at 22:44 came the last message that the match would not be played on Sunday.

– They have no idea what will happen, Direktesport commentator Robin Haugen said as Lyon players came out of the grass again – two hours after kick-off at the start.

Late Sunday is coming too League 1 With a statement condemning the attack on Payet.

– After being attacked, Payet was also discriminated against and insulted. We must not forget that the local team is responsible for safety along with the local authorities. They decide whether the match should be canceled or resumed, Ligue 1 (LFP) wrote, adding that they are calling for an emergency meeting on Monday.

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For his part, Marseille president Pablo Longoria said Payet was affected after entering the locker room.

Completely brain dead

The message that the match should initially resume came more than an hour after teams were sent into the locker room for the horrific photos.

– She’s completely brain dead. Direktesport commentator Robin Haugen said after Payet was hit by the bottle that I’m totally tired.

The match that was held in Lyon was played without fans outside their home, specifically for fear of noise in the stands. Payet lay down and was treated on the field after putting the bottle in his head, while the rest of the players on both teams went to the locker room.

– Lyon – Marseille is the highlight of this tour, and a match that people wanted to see. But again we see a match that was interrupted by idiots. This is not what I want the English, Spaniards and Italians to see in Ligue 1, Thierry Henry told Amazon Prime.

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More events in Ligue 1

This isn’t the first time this season that Payet has thrown things at him from the stands. The same thing happened in the first leg against Nice, and Then the midfielder chose to throw the bottle back at the Nice fans.

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Then chaos erupted and the match was finally halted and later had to be played on a neutral court without fans.

Immediately after Sunday’s incident, Get French Football News reported that the Lyon fan who threw the bottle after Payet on Sunday was identified and escorted out of the ring, but the settlement still had boycott status:

The same reports indicate that Payet will be traumatized by the incident, and that head referee Rudy Bouquet has not yet decided whether the match will resume on Sunday night or be played on another day.

Then Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli and second goalkeeper Steve Mandanda were walking into the referee’s dressing room, and shortly afterwards, the message came that the match would end on Sunday.

However, this was not the end of the visa, and it remains uncertain when and where the match will take place again after Sunday’s cancellation.

Here is Nettavisen’s preview ahead of Lyon-Marseille: