Frequent floods and storms: Rainfall causes flooding in Saxony

Long live Flood

Plenty of rain in Saxony

The flood disaster has already claimed more than 140 lives

More than 140 people have been killed so far in floods in West Germany. The full extent of the destruction will only be shown in a few days. But one thing is already clear: great willingness to help.

At least four firefighters have been killed in flooding in northern Rhine-Westphalia. Now heavy rain Saxon has hit Switzerland and Upper Bavaria. Houses were demolished in Berchteskaten and Bischoffsweiss. In Austria a river became a stream. All improvements in live ticker.

IHeavy rain fell in some parts of Saxony on Saturday. In Saxon Switzerland, many places in cities and municipalities are no longer accessible. The district office said in the evening that Newstod, Sepnitz, Pat Schondow, Reinhardstorf-Shana and Kohrich were particularly affected. The railway line between Bad Shandau and the Czech Des was closed. At the request of the German press organization, the Interior Ministry’s situation center in Dresden said, “The situation is tense, but manageable.

The state flood center said more than 100 liters per square meter of rain fell in the catchment area of ​​the Girnitz and Sepnitz rivers within 24 hours. It was 110 liters in Liechtenhein-Middlendorf and 104 liters in Weifa. As a result, the water levels of many rivers swelled rapidly. Warning level 4 was violated in Poland, there was a “sharp rise in water level” in the lower reaches of the Girnitz, Sepnitz and Lachspok. “Severe flooding is expected,” experts warned in the evening.

The regional control center in Dresden spoke of more than 250 passengers since the afternoon. In Saxon Switzerland, streets and cellars were flooded and slopes collapsed. In addition to the very swollen small rivers, large amounts of water have descended into the slopes. At present, nothing is known about injuries or major discharges.

For most of Saxony, the German Meteorological Service warned of thunderstorms on Saturday night from 4 to 3 to 3 p.m. As a result, large numbers of rescue workers were evacuated from other regions – for example in the districts of Botswana and Corlitz in East Saxony. There, too, heavy rains flooded the streets and basements. In addition, water levels in the Lucetian Nice area have risen significantly. Warning level 4 was violated on the track in Jeddah.

Problems with foundations and foundations in flooding from West Saxony were reported locally, for example Hohenstein-Ernstall, Oberlungwitz and Wastenbrand. Some residents built sieges to protect their homes.

Deutsche Bonn said the disruption of the railroad between Pat Shandow and Desin would last until Sunday afternoon. “Long-distance trains end and begin at Dresden Hoptonhope.” On long-distance transport, this affects the Hamburg-Berlin-Dresden-Prague link. There were also failures in local transport and the alternative transport of buses could not be set up due to difficult road conditions.

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