Freya Chocolate | Nedar accuses Freya of stealing chocolate: – It’s very similar

Freya Chocolate |  Nedar accuses Freya of stealing chocolate: – It’s very similar

(The newspaper online): Freya Popple disappeared from the market seven years ago. Now the chocolate has been relaunched again, which has pleased many and angered others.

The chocolate has been given a new design, both on the packaging and on the chocolate bar itself. It’s suspiciously similar to Stratos’ blue bubble chocolate, which has been among Norwegians’ favorite chocolates since its launch in 1936.

– We think that the graphic design on the packaging for the Freia Bobble is very similar to that of the Stratos, says Elisabeth Anstad Eckheim, communications manager at Orkla Norway for Nettavisen.

Orkla is the parent company of Nidar. Ekheim confirms that they have been in contact with Mondelez, Freia’s parent company, about changing the design of the chocolate.

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– People see the difference

Tina Stangeness is the Product Manager at Freia. She says that although the chocolate has been relaunched, it still has Freya’s signature design with the yellow packaging.

Orkla rejects accusations of plagiarism, and confirms that they received an inquiry from them regarding the chocolate.

– We received an inquiry from Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge AS and responded to it. We chose a design similar to what we use on other popular Freia products. I am sure that consumers can easily see the difference between Freia Bobble and Orkla products. Therefore, we have no plans to change the product or packaging, Stangnes tells Nettavisen.

– Of course, we have no need to imitate other players.

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– Has Orkla expressed that it will take legal action against Mondelez if it does not change the design?

– It is not normal for us to comment on the evaluations conducted by Oracle in this case. However, we are sure that consumers will easily see the difference between Freia Bobble and Orkla products, says Stangnes.

Affected by shrinkage

It’s not just the new packaging for the chocolates that is being relaunched now. The size has changed.

– Freya Bubble now comes in a 150g pack. This is a common size for many of our other products, and works well with this type of chocolate. Freya explains that the changes have been made to give consumers a better chocolate experience Your side.

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When asked why the chocolate was reduced in size, the company replied that when the Freya Bubble was last on sale, it was part of a series of very large 210g bars that Freya no longer owned.

In the relaunch of Bobble, Freya made changes to the size and shape of the chocolate.

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