Freya is in Snaroya – calling for an emergency meeting

Freya is in Snaroya – calling for an emergency meeting

According to messenger A walrus weighing 600 kg landed on a boat in Snoroia. It also shows several photos that the newspaper sent. There should be 10-15 spectators around Freya.

Efforts must have been made to get her off the boat, but to no avail. Among other things, fish fillets were thrown into the water, but Freya was not interested.

This creates problems for the harbor-based Bærum Sailing Association.

– We are very worried about Freya going to bed in Sarpuvollen, where the children go by boat. We have RIBs and safety boats and hope she doesn’t lie here. Also, the wharf facility is old and could suffer major damage, says Marius Ellingson, president of the sailing association. Budsticka.No

Monday Summer Camp

In addition, up to 50 children will gather for a summer camp in Vestfjorden on Monday. The sailing association will now look at how Freya might affect plans for the camp.

– It’s a bit scary for us right now and we need to hold an emergency meeting of the board to see what we’re doing. Ellingsen tells the newspaper that 50 kids go to the camp, which can destroy a little bit.

Glad she moved on

At Kadettangen, the walrus chases the swimmer, among other things. Police were at the diving tower and asked guests to stay away from Freya.

The Municipality of Baram is pleased with Freya’s move from Kadetangan. It was announced on Friday that if Freya continues her presence, the bathing area will be considered closed.

– I was not aware of that. We are happy that Freya has moved from Kadetangan, says Strandenus, Head of Nature, Sports and Road Management at Bærum Municipality. messenger.

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