Frida Carlson attacks Vidar Lovechus

Frida Carlson attacks Vidar Lovechus

was in an interview with Dagbladet At the end of August, Vidar Løfshus took the magazine out of his mouth and thought the Swedish skateboarding star was too uneven in performance.

Løfshus noted that the 22-year-old’s skiing career has fluctuated from great heights to almost complete meltdown.

– I think I see a tendency that they often meet the wall. I hope you tackle the problems in order, because it seems like they skip a bit at times. Lovechus reports that she trains well and sometimes she’s in great shape, then a month goes by and then she gets stuck.

He didn’t see my training notes

Former national team manager Vidar Lovechus. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Now Frida Carlson responds to criticism. She thinks the worthy Norway manager missed his analysis.

– It’s funny that he’s talking about something in which he knows about 2% of the whole picture. He did not see my training notes, Bares Carlson for express.

Swedish skating stars weren’t the only ones to notice the fierce competition driving the cross-country track. Norwegian cross-country highlights, such as Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, also felt enormous pressure. Last year, the Norwegian ski star had to throw in the towel and quit a number of competitions.

On the contrary, it is easy to make mistakes

Frida Karlsson is open about the challenges that skate girls face, and doesn’t hide the fact that she noticed riding at a young age.

– For my part, things went very quickly. I had my achievement, I finished in the same sling and wanted to further train, which I did too. Maybe I didn’t have all the knowledge at the time about what was needed in the form of recovery etc. It’s a bigger challenge than you think at that age. It’s really not very easy. On the contrary, it is easy to go wrong, Recognize Frieda Carlson.

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– This was the Big Bang

She was herself stopped by the national team’s medical staff, and thus missed large parts of the 2019-20 season.

During the race period this fall, I noticed again that she was full, and she faced several snowboarding competitions. Carlson still believes she has learned from the recessions.

– That was the big bang. Then she crossed the border, and learned a lot from her, she says of last year’s rollercoaster season.

This year, as last year, it was Sweden’s strongest card to catch up with the Norwegian ski stars.

The culture of silence

Per “Blijn” Andersson, the doctor for the Swedish cross-country team and the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK), told TT news agency that he is very concerned that in recent years many female sports stars have had to take a break from the sport. due to health status.

There is a destructive culture of silence around the problem. These are very difficult conversations with people who are at risk or who have already crossed borders. Anderson cautions that every increase in training doses means an increased risk of this happening, and so you have to be very careful.

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