Frida Carlson was about to give up before the bathroom: – I just wanted to end the conversation

Frida Carlson was about to give up before the bathroom: – I just wanted to end the conversation

“You must answer now! This is an interrogation by the police.”

The message arrived on the 23-year-old’s mobile phone during the last round before the figure skating tournament in Planica in Slovenia at the end of February.

– You took all responsibility

On the same day, I stopped answering an unknown number. Although his voice rang out several times, she could not bear it. When she saw the SMS, she encouraged her to call back. Then the police interrogation began.

Today, four months later, Frida Carlson talks about her personal drama.

– I just wanted to end that conversation. But the police wanted me to describe how it all happened, all the details really. So I said I was going to training, I was nervous and I didn’t care, I took all the responsibility,” the 23-year-old said. Express.

– I’ve tried to keep this up

The car accident occurred just before the start of the World Cup race in Toplac in northern Italy at the beginning of February. Both the car she was driving and the car she collided with were complete wreckage. Fortunately, neither she nor the other driver was seriously injured.

– It went great, despite a real accident. Then and there I thought it was completely over now. Carlson said after the crash that the man he crashed with was a little upset because he was going to sell his car the next day.

It was only when the Swedish media learned of the incident that the 23-year-old chose to comment on the matter publicly.

– I’ve tried to keep this up. The crash was my fault and I am responsible for it. It was clumsy, Carlson told the Swede, I felt a bit of a sore neck and maybe a little concussion which meant I had a really bad last race before the toilet. Additional P4.

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– I was in shock

To Expressen, you explain in detail what actually happened.

– It’s a dangerous crossover. And I think we both pushed it a little carelessly. The first thing I said after the explosion was, “I’m not going to any hospital, I’m going to train now.” But I was in shock. It’s at the top of my list of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced. For a long time after that I was hysterical and scared easily, remembering the Swedish skiing star of the potentially fatal crash.

After that, she experienced pain in her neck. You think it could be some form of infection.

Despite the very dramatic charge, Frida Carlsson still took two silvers and two bronzes during the figure skating tournament in Planica.

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