Friedrich Solwang, The Debate | Loose firing in the debate: –⁠ You deceived yourself loudly

Friedrich Solwang, The Debate |  Loose firing in the debate: –⁠ You deceived yourself loudly

In the evening NRK discussion, the theme was whether cabin owners should also not receive electrical support. So far, not a single penny has been spent on souring the cabin electricity and compensating for the high tariff.

In many municipalities, cottage owners use more electricity than permanent residents. If you own a rented secondary home, you will get full electrical support for this, while ordinary people in the cabin will have nothing available.

At the same time, project manager Frederick Solwang pointed out that billions are coming to the state due to high electricity prices. He explained that while the state has received Rs 40 billion in revenue, Rs 14 billion has gone to the electricity subsidy scheme this winter.

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Three times the power of the cabin

Cabin owner Mina Thorsrut felt it was unreasonable that the cabin could not be compensated by the government’s support program:

– We are a typical average family with average income and regular average cottage. We rent for the fund.

See clips of the discussion above the case.

Newly established as Thorsrut cottage owner. This winter, he says, it costs a lot more to pay the electricity bill in the cabin.

– Electricity tariff is three times higher than usual. Then you have to do something. Now the electricity bill for the cabin is 4000-6000 kroner. When we are not there, we cannot turn it off because the water freezes. A cabin is not a hobby, Thorsrud said in the debate.

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Mina Thorsrut argued for a 5,000 kilowatt hourly ceiling (Consumption limit where you can get electricity support) Electricity should be applied regardless of where it is used and is believed to be part of the cottage.

– This is not a support, it is a repayment of something we own. Should the place where you use power be the same? So are cottage eggs.

Many live in the cabin a lot, so they need to get support there as well, Thorsrut argued.

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– You fooled yourself out loud

Trond Gullig Hagen, president of the Norwegian Cabin Association, said it was a different treatment because support was given to secondary apartments, but not to rooms:

– For many, the cabin has been a secondary residence in recent years, said Gullick Hansen.

The government sent Secretary of State for Petroleum and Energy Amund Wick (Labor) to NRK Studios this Thursday. He answered many similar questions about why the cabin could not be covered by the Power Support:

– We chose to focus on home use with something that is clear and quick to implement, and with a social profile that really attacks those who need support.

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Host Frederick Solwang still tried to put the wiki on the wall. See the clip above the case.

– You have connected us to a system that leads to these extraordinary electricity prices. It is a political choice, and a political system. In fact, most people think you’re loudly deceiving yourself. When you’ve been cheating on yourself, why shouldn’t she get her money back? Solwang told cottage owner Nina Thorsen.

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– The energy side system gives us the lowest electricity prices in Europe, and even now, with the highest prices, prices are lower than in the countries around us. But this is a major challenge for ordinary consumers in Norway. With a price hike of 7.3 percent, it seems that the cabin dream is at least living in better times, although we understand that it will be challenging with higher electricity bills in the cabin, Vic said.

– Mina Thorsrut said that when you have this ceiling of 5,000 kilowatt hours, it applies to all the electricity you use in a home, wherever you are.

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