Friends mourn the death of Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby: – ​​Shock – VG

Friends mourn the death of Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby: – ​​Shock – VG

Matt Hank von Helvett – 49 years old. The news is shaking celebrity friends and fans.


background: Matt Hans Eric Davek Hosby

Among those who mourned the artist Per Heimli.

– I’m in shock and sadness. Perhaps we have lost an honest soul and genius in his art. Hans Erich was a multi-talented and sensitive soul who lived his life skinless. But it was cool, he tells VG.

Friend: Heimly’s.

Fellow artist Ida Maria Burleigh Seifertsen also received the news with grieved hearts.

– He was kind of like an older brother to me in the music industry. Hans Erich has always been very nice to me. We last met a year ago at Mo i Rana and then he gave a very nice Church City Message Lecture, she tells VG.

– My mom was there and I got a real punk picture with him. Now when he’s gone, I think a lot of thoughts. I hope he rests in peace. There would be an even more swinging mood in the sky now. Now he joins Jimi Hendrix and the others. I think Hans Erich will get an orchestra seat.

Friend: Ida Maria knew Hans Eric Davek Hosby at Mo i Rana last year.

obituary: Now hell is over

Håkon Moslet, the former head of NRK P3, wrote the autobiography “TRBNGR: The Story of the Denim People” in 2007.

– Hank von Helvet was the greatest Norwegian rock player and stage personality. At his best, he was the perfect blend of authentic punk rock, serious circus director, and idyllic character. Hank von Helvet – It was his personal charisma that made Turbo famous and beloved, says Moslett.

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– Life was often difficult for Hans-Erik, but on the stage he could radiate complete control of the situation. Born to stand on stage. He remembers emerging from the smallest punk bumps on the eastern edge of Oslo to the biggest festival stages in Europe with charm.

– He was a young man I fell in love with, whether I met him in person or one of thousands in front of the stage where Hertz excelled in dialects, arrogance, and self-irony, and gave an absurd and commanding attitude to all singing, concludes Moslet.

Music expert: Håkon Moslet.

Artist Stephen Ackles writes on Facebook:

“Sleep well, brother… See you again. Words are lousy now, one in strange distress. You don’t think so. That’s too sad.”

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Actress Karina Dahl shared a photo of the two of them on her Instagram profile with the following text:

«How sad. My father woke me up at home in Trondheim today with news that made the day heavy here. Uncle Hank, memories live on! From the time you probably gave 4 speeches on my birthday because you always had so much on your mind, until you scared the miserable boys of me and your little sister that you were “You Uncle Hank”! For a great dinner with shared enjoyment of food, not least when we compete in MasterChef and MGP! Enter the theater tonight with you in my heart. See you again. »

VG tried to contact Dahl on Friday.

This message was posted late Friday night on Hank von Hell’s Instagram account:

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With a sad heart I must say that Hans-Erik Devik Hosby, also known to the world as “Hank von Hill”, sadly passed away on November 19, 2021. We pray that family and close friends will be respected in this tragedy».

Lena Midtveit, Hank’s director of Sony Music Records, tells VG:

We sympathize and send our deepest sympathy to those who are close to us in our grief.

Turboneger posted this message on Facebook, where they write that it is with sadness to receive the tragic news that Hans-Erik “Hertis” Dyvik Husby has passed away.

«We are grateful for the time, moments, and magic we shared with Hans-Erik at Turboneger from 1993 to 2009.».

They describe Hank as an attractive character up front who represented both humor and vulnerability.

«Hans-Erik was crucial to the Turboneger’s appeal. He was warm and had a big heart. He was a spiritual, thought-seeking person who liked to talk to everyone.”

They further write that they are proud of everything they created together as a band and “rock brothers”.

«Hank von Helvet remains a prominent figure in Norwegian rock and popular culture. He was also prominent on the international rock scene. A romantic and entertaining actor. Throughout his life, Hank has proven that he was created for the stage, that he loved the spotlight and being the centerBandmates write and send the ideas to the Hasbi family.

Rock Brothers: Hans Eric Davek Hosby with Peter Barley and Bjorn Muller from the eternal rock band Backstreet Girls.

The Norwegian rock family is also in mourning after the sad news. Raja Rockers posted a message on Facebook, their signature striker Michael Kron:

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Sad to hear that Hans Erich has died. A friendly and sympathetic man, a great vocalist and pioneer. Crohn’s books, rest in peace.

The Backstreet Girls posted a photo of themselves eating toast with Dyvik Husby, and wrote “RIP.”

VG tried to communicate with the Turboneger members.

Hosby was a fan of LSK. The club remembers its supporters with this salute on Twitter:

Photographer Marcel R. Lillenhoff wrote on Twitter:

Rest in peace, my old friend. See you on the other side.

Former Culture Minister Abed Raja writes that it is very sad to read about the death of Hans-Erik Devik Hasby.

– One of the most prominent rock artists and personalities, who entertained and charmed us. Our thoughts go to his family and loved ones. RIP’s brother, the parliamentary representative writes on Twitter.

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