– Frighteningly weird and little room for change – VG

- Frighteningly weird and little room for change - VG
KNALLTØFT SLIT: For Emil Iversen, here before Erik Valnes on stage five and penultimate at the alpine resort of Molde on Thursday.

MOLDE/OSLO (VG) Here, Emil Iversen (31) is out during one of the last rallies before the start of the season. But he does it with Norway’s best runners – not the distance team he’s actually part of.


It’s a tough, monotonous group, and I’m in a remote team. But I have strengths that are slightly different than many of them, and I intend to approach that a little bit. Now’s a golden opportunity to join here and break into what I used to do, he tells VG.

Then he had just finished a session of about two hours where the main ingredient was called “elghufs” – i.e. intervals with columns in both mountainous terrain and slopes – in glorious autumn weather in the morning branch of my birth.

Very happy after the interval: Emil Iversen (left) is promoted as “host” in the national sprint team in the absence of Johannes Hosfluth Klæbo. Here with train Håvard Solås Taugbøl, Pål Golberg, Erik Valnes, Arild Monsen, Even Northug and Sindre Bjørnestad Skar.

During the meeting, he also sensed true speed during the pure sprint session. He obviously enjoys it.

The distance team is the strangest team in the whole world. We’ve of course discussed some drills there, but it’s eerily weird and there’s not much room for change, he says and explains:

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– Then it was better to come to my birth than to come with a desire, for example, to change the time slots in the team. It’s not easy to agree on things on our team. If you mention shorter tightening at intervals, they stain their teeth.

– He could be here

At the same time, his native team is meeting in the capital. His distance teammate Harald Østberg Amundsen says the following about choosing Iversen:

– I don’t know if it’s there (at my birth at the sprint meeting) for sprint training or if it’s there because it’s quieter on long rides. I think he could have been here to do some ability training, says Harald Østberg Amundsen.

Sprint national team coach Arild Monsen is thrilled Iverson attended the meeting. He says distance coach Eric Mer-Nasom has reported his desire.

As you know, Iversen has a very bad recent history of sprint racing.

Among other things, he knocked out in three of his three intros, before the quarter, semi-finals and final, in races before Christmas in what ended up being a nightmare season in 2021/2022.

– He might feel like he’s at a crossroads. Does he abandon the enemy or cling to him? Monsen says Emil has a good resume, but not recent, and continues:

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– Then he wanted to come with us here. In this gathering here, we went with a sprint session on the spot. There he was very involved, became one among the crowd and was not badly beaten.

– But is it really important to take part in a sprint meeting, or just a sprint session as in this case?

– Financially, perhaps what he has to say is limited. But mentally it is something else. He feels he knows it and is trying to do it himself. Then he takes it with him even further.

Coaches: Sprint national team coach Arild Monsen (right) instructed Pål Golberg on how to run the team on the steep dirt roads all the way to the top of the Alpine resort in Molde. Emil Iverson with his back.

When VG Iverson asks if he shouldn’t bring up a potential change in training with the team, he replied that it was pointless.

– I have a good group here in terms of distance and running. There is a lot to learn from here. The most important thing is to develop your strengths on the ski track and work on your weaknesses. But it is the strengths that will lead to the results.

– I got myself an alarm last year. I should be more careful. I was very impressed by others, and my periods and training were not quite as I had planned. Maybe I wasn’t good enough to take part in it, or it was just too hard. He says I have to be more careful.

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