From the Olympic bubble to the risk of injury in the “Norway Open”: – respect was expected

From the Olympic bubble to the risk of injury in the "Norway Open": - respect was expected

Preparations for the Games should be world-class for two athletes, because it was medal after medal in China. Also, the band had not experienced a volcanic eruption in advance. Although many may drop their shoulders somewhat after more than three weeks in the Olympic bubble with the strict Corona regime, the season is not over for the Norwegian gold champions.

Personally, I am not afraid of contracting the Corona virus after the Olympics. There was a bit of fear lurking there. From August and especially September and out. Then, half a year passed where you learned that if you get it, it reduces your chances of the Olympics considerably, Tarjei Bø tells NTB.

He thinks the shoulders were higher than they are in Lavaz and on the plane to China than they are now.

But in Norway, an open society awaits. In the middle of the Olympics, almost all measures of corona disappeared, and athletes did not encounter mandatory “counters”, isolation or bandages in the old country.

The fact that the athletes remained free of infection before and during the Olympic Games was the most important thing. But there are three competitions left. For some, it’s more important than others to stay healthy.

Expected respect

Marty Olspo Rosland leads the World Cup with 62 points more than Dzinara Alimbikava. In third place is Elvira Oberg with 88 points until the Froland Express train. Rosland & Company. Seven trainings left in the World Cup.

Some are more motivated than others to stay healthy. Especially since Mart is important not to get corona in relation to the World Cup as a whole. We should try to sacrifice more for each other now, one last bout, and I think we’ll make it through, Johannes Thingens Poe tells NTB.

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If I had been in her condition, I would have expected respect from my teammates for staying as healthy as possible. I will take this shirt. Then he adds that we must all contribute.

Røiseland goes to Lillehammer and continues seclusion as it was before the Olympics.

– Now she’s pretty at home. Then it becomes more dangerous for us. We have a week at home before we go out again, and I don’t want to catch corona, but I’m staying out of the race, says the Olympic Queen.

Challenge the immune system

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen has done well at Olympia and travels home with two medals. He thinks it’s done quickly.

We know it’s very easy to catch some diseases now. Especially considering the bubble we’ve seen in the last couple of months. I don’t think we’ve met almost anyone other than those we’re sitting here with, as well as others, Christiansen says.

– I think there will be a lot of time alone in the apartment last week, but when we finish the season, he will go out and challenge the immune system, he says.

This is the end of the Biathlon World Cup:

*3 – 6. March: Kontiolahti, Finland

* 10. – 13. March: Otepää, Estonia

* 17. – 20. March: Holmenkollen, Norway

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