From the “traitor”: – It’s bitter

From the "traitor": - It's bitter

The nerve-wracking game of “traitor” is now over, and so far only one in three traitors has been exposed, and he’s Author and former police investigator Jörn Lehr Horst (52).

In a familiar fashion, there is usually always one participant who does not show up for breakfast, but this time an exception was made. The traitors did not disqualify anyone, but rather put three participants on the death list.

finally: They fumbled blindly, but the loyalists finally managed to catch a traitor in the psychological series 2 TV. Video: Red Runner / TV 2
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Traitor Catherine Fossum (44) was placed on the list, as were Karina Holkem (46) and Magnus Midtbow (33). They were all fighting to win the shield and in the end it was the first who won the advantage.

Although none of the participants had to go home earlier in the day, the pipe certainly looked different in the evening vote. No one was safe.

– It was a miscalculation

Once again, the loyalists were able to guess who the other traitor was. in the end it was YouTuber Jonas Lihaug (33) Those who got the most votes had to reveal their identity. This provoked complete cheers in the council chamber.

Lihaug told Se og Hør that he entered the council chamber for the first time with relatively little control over who was to vote for what.

The loyalists played a good game, so it felt good to go home. It was really cool to stand in front of them and finally reveal themAnd the Although it has been fun lying so far, he says, adding:

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Exit: Jonas Lihaug received the most votes and was revealed to be a traitor on tonight's episode.  Photo: TV 2

Exit: Jonas Lihaug received the most votes and was revealed to be a traitor on tonight’s episode. Photo: TV 2
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– But of course, it’s a bit bitter when I could have come forward if I had made Catherine vote for Kareena.

Furthermore, the 33-year-old explains that, Sander Ostad Dale (24) and Christopher Robin Amdahl (31) usually meet and agree on who they should vote before the council chamber.

After the conversation, he got the impression that it would be between Fossum and Hollekim.

– Sander and Chris were very loyal and stopped their actual intentions in the council room. At first I thought they would vote for Catherine, and my mental calculations gave her two and three votes. My thoughts before råsdalen were that I was going out, but I wanted to give Katherine as good an excuse as possible.

ghosts: TV 2 and Mads Hansen went to extreme measures to push the “traitor” participants as far into the bubble as possible. Video: Red Runner / TV 2 / Netflix
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– That’s why I voted for her, because that would be a tie between us. And in the runoff she would have had to vote for me. But the big miscalculation was that they should have taken Kareena instead, so if I had voted for her that would have been a tie.

Harmless behavior

Lihaug says he mostly enjoyed the traitor’s role, and spared no expense. But he also began to feel that it was not just a bed of roses.

– I was a catalyst for mischief there. But from the fifth and sixth episodes onwards, the guilty conscience definitely began to appear, because people were very tired. But at the same time I felt like I had a very clear understanding of what the game and reality was.

– It would be boring if I had to play so badly on my conscience. So I had to play, he continues.

Consciousness: Jonas Lihaug says he enjoyed the traitor's role, but ultimately felt he also had a guilty conscience.  Photo: TV 2

Consciousness: Jonas Lihaug says he enjoyed the traitor’s role, but ultimately felt he also had a guilty conscience. Photo: TV 2
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While the show was shown on television, it also showed Lihaug how many already suspected him of being a traitor,

– There are more people who have hosted me in the building than I could have imagined. The longer the series went on, the more it became clear to me that I’m not the best liar in the world, probably because I’m so mobile and expressive as a person.

Been voted: The “traitor” claimed its second victim, after eliminating Kristen Gelsvik – 19 she became 18 when the group agreed to vote for one of the participants. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Red Runner / TV 2
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– But what I was able to achieve was probably to put myself in the social scene, so that it became difficult to vote for myself. I think many suspected me, but that was difficult because I acted in a rather innocuous way, he continues.

Lihaug says he views his eight days on TV 2 as something very exciting and fun. He also does not hide the fact that he would like to participate again if given the opportunity.

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