June 5, 2023


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Samfunnsikkerhetens hus

From this room, they will deal with crises like never before – NRK Vestland

– We think this is the future, says Ivar Konrad Lunde, captain of the Samfunnsikkerhetens hus.

Surrounded by large screens and thick brick walls, stands in the middle of the municipality’s new 24-hour emergency center.

“Social Security House” is a completely new form of emergency preparedness in the municipality of Norway.

There, they will carry out the operational and preventive work, and make the cooperation between the various Naudetten in Bergen more effective.

Better Collaboration: The various agencies are looking forward to having the best possible collaboration in the future.

Photo: Andrea A. Kroger

In the 24-hour house, they can bring together different actors to coordinate efforts in the event of accidents or other incidents.

The Emergency Response Center will also act proactively to detect hazards and threats, before they develop into more serious incidents.

If we want to improve social security in this country, we must start thinking anew. We have to think practical, says Lundy, as we do here.

Operational and preventive work

What does the municipality do on the day you experience a cyber attack, extreme weather, or plan major events that require additional security?

It was the World Cycling Championships in 2017 that came up with the idea of ​​emergency preparedness. The municipality set up an emergency center that worked so well that they decided to create a permanent community safety home.

Since then, Bergen has been in many situations of crisis and potential disaster, where this method of action has come in handy:

– I also think the breach of the dam at Monkbutten could have been avoided in 2018 if the cooperation center had been operating at that time, says Lundy.


Good overview: In this screen, the center has a good overview of the picture of the risks in Bergen and the surrounding area at any time.

Photo: Andrea A. Kroger

Will Bergen residents notice anything about the Co-op?

– I hope not. If they don’t notice anything, we have succeeded in many ways. Our job is to make residents feel safe, says Lundy.

– world leader

The principle of cooperation who came after July 22 Report, states that authorities have a responsibility to ensure the best possible cooperation with relevant actors and activities in working with prevention, emergency preparedness and crisis management.

Social Security is the answer to this, says Bergen City Council member Roger Valhammer.


Guard post: At Samfunnsikkerhetens hus they are provided with 24 hour guards who can assess the dangers of the area on these screens. Here, city councilman Roger Valhammer is trying his hand.

Photo: Andrea A. Kroger

Despite the fact that this is the main principle in the work of national emergency preparedness, the Samfunnsikkerhetens hus in Bergen is the first and only one of its kind in Norway.

This is also unique in the international context, says Valhammer.

Not sure if more will follow

Minister of State Hans-Peter Asen at the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness applauds the Bergen municipality’s initiative. The ministry is not aware that more is planned in Norway.

– But we must not ignore that experiences with this new arena can inspire others to create similar centres, he says.

Johnny Aslaksen, of the Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, has no doubt that Social Security Home will be of great importance to emergency preparedness in the Bergen area.

– Perhaps there is no doubt that the Cooperation Center will be able to be a very favorable coordination and information platform for events in this field.

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