Frost night in several places in the country – VG

Frost night in several places in the country - VG
Frost Night: On Saturday morning, many people in the mountains and in remote areas woke up to the night of Frost.

From night to Saturday, the autumn cold was severe, and several places in the hinterland and in the mountains experienced the first frosty night of the year. That doesn’t mean the good weather has gone right yet, according to the meteorologist.


In the morning hours of Saturday, those inside could wake up to the frost that covered both the land roads and cars.

In Folldalen in the interior especially, the temperature crept into -7.7 below zero in the coldest nights.

The temperature in Reina also dropped to minus four degrees on the coldest night until Saturday.

Residents of the high-rises in Troms and Finnmark can also wake up to the cold nights on Saturday morning.

– Although this isn’t the first frosty night of the year, it was colder in several places last night than before, says meteorologist on duty Eldburg Moxness.

The compass showed minus degrees in several places on the mountain and inland this morning

Summer heat in eastern and southern Norway again

Residents of eastern and southern Norway also woke up to cold temperatures.

Temperatures in Oslo were around five to six degrees during the night.

But according to Moxness, there is no reason to worry that the good weather has left eastern Norway and southern Norway completely just yet.

Cold temperatures will be temporary. It’s colder now.

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Thus, there is no reason to ditch the T-shirt or hope for a beer outdoors at all. From next week onwards, temperatures in southern and eastern Norway will rise to 25 degrees again, as we saw earlier this week. Until the end of next week, there will be some rain.

The cold night also appeared on the motorway on Saturday morning

Dry in western Norway

It’s been dry in large parts of western Norway for a while now.

On Saturday, police headed to the Southwest on Twitter and warned of the danger of grass fires and heather, and called on everyone to respect the fire ban.

On the other hand, from next week, there will be low pressure from the west.

– It will increase rainfall slightly in western Norway, especially in the southern parts of western Norway and Rogaland.

Moore og Romsdal and Trondelag will also notice low pressure, and will continue to receive precipitation as well next week.

precipitation north

In the northern counties, light snow was reported in the morning.

Early tomorrow there will also be an increase in precipitation in Troms and western parts of Finnmark.

Low pressure will be even throughout the week, but where there is precipitation it will be a bit more varied, Moxnes says.

Temperatures will also rise in Finnmark and Troms, so there will be talk of rain – not snow as there is this morning.

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