Frozen pizza is withdrawn from the market

Frozen pizza is withdrawn from the market

Orkla Foods Norge is recalling a limited selection of two pizzas “Grandiosa Thin Bottom Chicken & Pesto” and “BigOne BBQ Chicken” from the market.

The reason is that small pieces of metal shavings may get into some of the chicken pieces on the pizza. This only applies to BigOne BBQ Chicken labeled “Best before 10.04.2023” and Grandiosa Thin Bun Chicken & Pesto named “Best before 02.05.2023,” the company said in a press release.

The error was caught in production early, and therefore only a small batch found its way into the stores, the manufacturer says.

All other pizzas can be eaten as usual.

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Consumer safety always comes first, and we don’t want any doubt associated with our products. Therefore, we choose to recall the full batch produced in the relevant time period as a precautionary measure, Andreas Fredrik Thørsen, Quality Manager at Orkla Foods Norway says in the letter.

Customers who have purchased BigOne BBQ Chicken or Grandiosa Thin Bottom Chicken & Pesto with relevant date tags may contact Orkla Forbrukerservice by email: [email protected], for compensation.

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