June 9, 2023


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FRP - Send them to Africa

FRP – Send them to Africa

– It doesn’t make sense at all. Norway cannot be the country that undermines the UN mandate on human rights.

Pål Nesse, Secretary General of the Norwegian Organization of Asylum Seekers (NOAS), disagrees with the FRP’s suggestion that Norway should send Afghan asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Logic does not hang in the balance. FRP, which is very interested in helping in the neighboring regions, must understand that countries like Rwanda will not have the opportunity to help with condition Local areas if we send asylum seekers there. Nessi adds that the entire asylum institute falls after that.

Refugees to Africa

The FRP scheme is as follows: Asylum centers abroad will process applications from asylum seekers who come to Norway to apply for asylum. Asylum seekers who have been granted residency must stay there – for example in Rwanda. The proposal was first discussed in AftenpostenHe will be promoted in the Norwegian Parliament on Tuesday.

– This is discrimination logic. Nesse says at NOAS that Afghans can be sent to Rwanda, while Ukrainians can be received in Norway.

– Ukrainians come from Europe?

– The continent of origin is not an argument in the UN Refugee Convention, he answers.

Rwanda ranks 160 on the United Nations Human Development Index. Norway is in first place. On average, life in Rwanda is 13 years shorter than in Norway.

Human trafficking and slavery

a favour Foreign Policy revealed that a large number of refugees from Israel ended up being sent to Rwanda with human traffickers or slavery.

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– FRP’s suggestion is a full head hole. Norway must take responsibility for all asylum seekers who come, especially from Afghanistan, because we have contributed to the war and the conditions they are fleeing from, says Tobias Drevland Lund (right) to Dagbladet.

– If we don’t have space, is Rwanda better than Afghanistan?

– Then we must build our capacity. The solidarity we see with refugees from Ukraine now, we must also negotiate in equal solidarity with refugees from other countries, says the parliamentary representative from Rødt.

– I’ve noticed a great deal of sympathy in the FRP with refugees from Ukraine, but they don’t seem to participate in a meaningful way when refugees come from countries outside of Europe, he adds.

– Less temptation

Parliament Member Erlind Wiborg (Frp) is promoting the motion. He is the party’s immigration policy spokesman.

The logic is very simple, he tells Dagbladet.

People who apply for asylum do so because they are on the run. The goal should then be security while your asylum application is being processed. Norway can provide this security in a third country. Then the FRP thinks it will be less tempting to asylum seekers who not He adds that he has a real need for protection to seek asylum in Norway.

Wiborg points out, among other things, that dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean and elsewhere can be avoided.

He also stressed that there must be good security measures so that refugees do not end up in the hands of human traffickers.

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– Of course, of course. This should be neat and tidy. People should be treated with respect. Unfortunately, we know that many of those who apply for asylum in Norway are training for their applications, running away and committing crime at the same time. We are now avoiding this problem.

– Rwanda has this problem instead, then?

– This will be a scheme to be implemented in cooperation with the authorities in third countries such as Rwanda.