FSG has no plans to sell the Red Sox

FSG has no plans to sell the Red Sox

Liverpool and Boston Red Sox president Tom Werner has spoken publicly for the first time in months, and Mass Live Reports indicate that Werner used the opportunity to announce that Fenway Sports Group had no plans to sell the Boston Red Sox baseball club.

Werner held a press conference to announce that Rafael Devers had secured a new ten-year contract at Fenway Park. The Liverpool chairman took the opportunity to confirm that FSG wanted to expand into other sports, but stated that speculation that FSG wanted to sell the Red Sox did not warrant the truth.

– Werner said there are no such plans at all.

In Boston, FSG has been accused of being too frugal, and fans have called for greater investment in the Boston Red Sox playing staff. That’s why FSG owner John W. Henry met up with a pipe party at Fenway Park earlier this month.

People should know that we are trying to solve problems, that we care about the masses. John and I are 72 years old. We want to win the world championship many times here. As long as we stay healthy, we will continue to improve the Red Sox. We have many plans on how to strengthen the club. Werner said our hearts and souls are with the Red Sox.

He is being criticized for the same thing in Liverpool

Werner and Henry have both been less vocal about the Red Sox in recent years, and this was the first time in three years that either of them had attended a press conference. But they insisted they are working hard for the club behind the scenes.

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The fact that FSG didn’t open their wallets more and take more chances to invest in the stable is the same thing they have been criticized for at Liverpool FC.

But like Liverpool FC, they also enjoyed great success in baseball. Under FSG’s ownership, the Red Sox have won the World Series four times — in 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018 — but in recent years things have gotten worse.

In November, it became clear that FSG had put Liverpool FC up for sale, and was looking for a partial investor or someone who wanted to buy the entire club.

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