Fuel – Fuel Fraud

Fuel - Fuel Fraud

Police are now warning that several petrol pumps have been installed with equipment that “removes” the cards of unsuspecting motorists in eastern Norway.

“It’s happening steadily, but we’ve seen an uptick in recent weeks,” Jan Kevin Brunvoll tells DinSide.

More stations

Now it comes to several stations in the E6 / E18 axle, and the equipment is installed on both regular pumps and pumps for the so-called diesel for truck.

It was the Eastern Police District’s online police patrol who came out first and warned about it through it Facebook page Friday morning.

Fraudsters have installed equipment on the payment machine that illegally copies your payment card. In addition, small cameras are used to photograph your PIN code. Pay attention when refueling and check if any equipment is attached. This is also his Cases were at ATMs. They hide your PIN when you enter it, they write.

take a contract

Brunvoll asks people to take a second look at the machine, and see if anything looks broken or half-finished. Also be careful if that can feel Unfamiliar.

Check: Take a second look at the device.  Photo: Eastern Police District

Check: Take a second look at the device. Photo: Eastern Police District
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– Feel free to get used to the device, you can look at where the card holder is located, and do not be surprised if you stand with a part of the device in your hand. Then he said that you exposed a fraud attempt.

Brunvoll says that cards affected by “skimming” on this round were used to fill up on fuel, and one theory is that higher fuel prices may have been the driver.

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