– Full Crunch – VG

- Full Crunch - VG
Reaction: Andrea Svensdottir and Annette Hovland are two of the many famous faces reacting to Instagram’s changes.

A number of well-known profiles are reacting to the fact that Instagram is undergoing significant changes. Andrea Svensdottir fears the changes could affect influencers’ collaboration with advertisers.


— It’s a complete crunch, Sveinsdottir tells VG.

She first became famous after participating in “Paradise Hotel” in 2017 and “Love Island” the following year. Since then, she has become a well-known influencer, and Instagram has been one of her main platforms.

Now she directs her criticism at the so-called popular platform feed. And it’s not the only one:

A number of celebrities in recent days have shared their frustration with the “new Instagram” and reposted it this is Posted on his Instagram story.

The user responsible for the post wrote that he wanted to start the “Make Instagram again” movement in order to “get back the old Instagram”.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 950,000 likes – a number that is constantly growing.

The post is shared by well-known Norwegian profilers like Triana Iglesias, Amalie Olsen, Nina Sandbisch, Emily Tomerberg, Ida Johanssen Aserud, and Nelly Krokstad – to name a few.

James Charles, one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world, also posted the post with nearly 23 million followers.

Triana Iglesias wrote about her story after sharing the post: “First reel ever…because Instagram is a bitch on this.”

What do you think of Instagram?

VG tried to get a hold of Instagram on Monday, to no avail so far.

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in December Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, said the service will return to displaying posts in chronological.

Earlier this year they launched Favorites and Followers, two new ways to choose what you see in the feed. This is an active option that the user has to make to leave the normal feed and the feature is not available to all users.

– beyond cooperation

Instagram is also betting on so-called “reels”, which are short vertical videos – a format similar to TikTok.

Instagram needs to stop trying to compete with TikTok, because they’re losing out! Along the way, says Svensdottir, they destroy the relationship with their users.

Sveinsdottir says the changes can make it difficult to act as an influencer, and she believes many will advance to other platforms if changes persist.

– The only thing that can happen is that it transcends cooperation if it continues as it is now. You can’t keep charging the same prices, for example, when you reach half of what you normally would.

“Hate” the new summary

A was also created. signature campaign which at the time of writing has over 74,000 signatures.

“So, I hate the new feed format, hate hate hate,” the influencer wrote. Annette Hovland to 100,000 followers.

Frustrating: Influencer Annette Hovland found it frustrating that Instagram was becoming more and more like rival TikTok.

Hovland told VG that she doesn’t think Instagram is as fun as it once was — and that she feels the content isn’t reaching followers in the same way as it once was.

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For those of us who make a living off this, it’s very boring to see that the scope of what you allocate so much time doesn’t quite get to what you want and might expect, she says and adds:

So when it’s really hard to be wise about algorithms that are constantly changing, it’s very frustrating with such big changes affecting the entire Instagram experience.

Influencer Anniken Jørgensen on Monday comes up with tips with which you can remove suggested posts from the feed – a function available to some users.

– On my birthday, I still wish the usual algorithm would come back because I don’t remember anything better than watching people from morning to evening, writing in a story.

Wants to go back old: Anniken Jørgensen also expressed on her Instagram that she misses how the platform used to be.

– exhausting

Svensdottir says she first noticed the changes a few months ago.

– The “reach” in the photos was much lower than usual and looked as if it happened overnight. Then I started thinking about what I do from others, and my Instagram only showed me the same things over and over, while I never woke up and started wondering where they had gone.

Sveinsdottir thought the changes meant the motivation to post content would be low.

It is very tiring to spend a lot of time creating content that does not reach anyone. At the same time, I’m so tired of receiving more suggestions for new accounts than actually seeing the accounts I chose to follow!

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Feedback: Andreas Sveinsdottir fears that changes to Instagram could affect influencers’ collaboration with advertisers, and believes that people will look to other platforms if the changes continue.

Plus, I probably get 90 percent of the reels and I rarely get pictures, but I have Instagram because I love inspiring photos, I can get videos on TikTok.

– Many people reacted negatively to the changes Instagram made in the past, but then somehow it went through – and people got used to it. Do you think it’s different this time?

– I feel the previous changes were more about the design and how to use the app to see likes etc, while now it goes beyond what you see and share. This is the crisis. She asks why one should continue dedicating time and resources to Instagram, which “kills” photos, rather than spending the time one now spends there on platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

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