– Full faith in own team – V.G

- Full faith in own team - V.G
Police Chief Pete Kangas and Police Attorney Borg Enochsen met with reporters regarding Saturday night’s shooting.

Oslo’s police chief is offering to back his own staff after a union warned against “less action-oriented” police officers in the capital.

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– The police chief has full confidence in his own crew and the mission was resolved in accordance with current practice and procedures, police chief Pete Kangas says in a statement sent to VG by the communications department.

The Norwegian Police Directorate and the PST have to evaluate the handling, but have not yet issued a mandate for the evaluation. And Kangas says they take learning points with them.

On the night of June 25, two people were killed and 20 injured in a shooting incident in Oslo.

Subsequently, many glorious events took place Cancelled Following police recommendations, safety cannot be guaranteed.

Friday Confident Oslo police said they had a car and police officers 75 meters away from the scene when civilians overtook double killer Janier Matapour, 43.

He was arrested by the Matapur police four and a half minutes later.

In the clash with the civilians, Matapur opened fire. The police have repeatedly praised the efforts of the public and said they risked their lives to neutralize the culprit.

On Monday, the head of the Oslo police union demanded that police officers be praised for their efforts after the attack.

He feared that if there was no clear support from the administration, “police officers will become inactive at the next crossroads”.

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– Employees should not be sure if they have their boss’s back, said Marius Bagever.

Union leader: Marius Bakaver at the Oslo Police Union.

Kangas’ latest faith workers are well received.

– I think it was well followed by the Chief of Police. I’m sure it will be well received by the crew and contribute to a safer and more aggressive crew at the next event.

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