June 9, 2023


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Prestebolig i brann i Bø i Vesterålen

Full fire in Parsonage at Bø in Vesterålen tonight – NRK Northland

At 05.15, the Norland Police District said the fire was extinguished, but staff will remain on the fire service until further notice.

– At 23.22 we were informed of a fire in a building in Bø in Vesterålen, says Ulf Slettan, operations manager for the Nordland Police District.

We’re talking about the main building in the factory at Bø that caught fire.

Firefighters first arrived at the scene and put out the fire.

– Major damage to the building. Uncertain whether it can be saved, he says 110 Chief Fire Officer in the Northland, Derje Overdol.

Due to the long journey, a police patrol arrived at the scene about an hour after receiving the news.

Photo: Don Marit Sorensen

At night, the area was searched and interrogated.

So far we do not have many witnesses. He says we are eager to contact them if anyone knows anything Kenneth Magnussen, operations manager at the police station in the Northland.

While engaged in the task of keeping nearby buildings undamaged, firefighters tried to control the damage to the building.

Church Bø, which has been located nearby since 1824, should not be endangered by wind.

Fire Brigade outside Parsonage at Bø in Westernland

Two firefighters were on duty throughout the morning to prevent the fire from re-igniting.

Photo: Don Marit Sorensen

One to the hospital

– One person left the building. Sletton said the man was taken care of by ambulance crews on site and then taken to hospital by air ambulance.

The person in question is of foreign origin and aged fifty years.

Do the police suspect any crime?

Magnussen says police have some hypotheses about what might have happened, but it is not yet clear if there were criminal motives.

Parsonage fire in Vesterålen

Firefighters first arrived at the scene and put out the fire.

Photo: Tonje Bergersen

No information was available on the damage to that person.

According to the police, no one should go missing.

The Vicarage in Bø was built of wood in 1927. The apartment, which has two floors and a basement, is located under Vesterålsfjorden, according to the website. Finance of the Norwegian Information Service.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

– Sad

– This is a tragic fire, says Stur Peterson, mayor of Bø municipality.

The mayor says the revision was next to the Bø church and the revision is 100 years old.

Stூர்r Peterson, Bømeyer in Westerrell, outside the burned-out Rector.

Sture Pedersen, mayor of Bø Municipality in Vesterålen, says they hope to build a new parsonage.

Photo: Don Marit Sorensen

– It’s a big area with church and church, which is very popular with many bøfjerdinger and vesterålinger, so it’s a sad day, he says.

– It is clear that we are a small municipality and many have good stories from this area and we are in a very happy revision. It characterizes the Bø community today, but we need to look ahead and then finally create a new revision. At least that’s what my goal is, he adds.

Burned Parsonage at Bø in Westernland.

Parsonage was to be transferred from Norwegian church to Bø church.

Photo: Don Marit Sorensen

Peterson says the house is currently being rented out.

He was informed by firefighters that the building was overheated when they arrived and that they were the person who had left the building. The mayor did not know the status of that person.

He also did not know the cause of the fire.

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