Full fire on ships outside Gothenburg – 17 people on board – VG

Full fire on ships outside Gothenburg – 17 people on board – VG
Full man: The ship outside Gothenburg is burning violently on Saturday afternoon.

The ship’s crew has not yet been evacuated and is working hard to put out the flames.


– It’s getting worse. Rescue chief Anders Lanholm at the Swedish main rescue center says it is burning more and more express at 16:00.

He writes that the ship is anchored outside survived Goteborg Posten, who was informed by the rescue center that 17 people were on board. The ship is Almirante Storni, which is 177 meters long and is loaded with timber.

A major rescue effort is now underway, and several Danish and Swedish helicopters and boats are on their way to the site. According to the rescue chief, firefighters were sent with helicopters.

A Portuguese NATO frigate, the Stena Danica, is on its way to help with firefighting work, according to Lanholm.

– We have a number of boats that will assist in the firefighting work. Now we’re trying to move the ship so that fire and smoke don’t keep blowing over it all the time, he said.

will not leave

Despite the presence of flames and thick smoke on the ship, the crew of 17 has not yet been evacuated.

– We spoke to the captain, and no one was hurt. All crew members try to put out the fire hoses as best they can, Lanholm says.

According to Lännholm, the crew is ready to evacuate, but the captain “has not yet wanted to give up.”

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The crew reported the fire at 14.35pm on Saturday afternoon, according to Aftonbladet.

It is not yet known how the fire started.

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