Full of all emergency hospitals, all intensive care units, and all geriatric departments

Full of all emergency hospitals, all intensive care units, and all geriatric departments

There is an acute shortage of beds in the Stockholm health care system. The staff are worried.

The intensive care unit at Söder Hospital in Stockholm treats patients with coronary heart disease. The photo was taken when Aftenposten visited the hospital in April 2020.

– It’s quite full all over Stockholm, and we know there will be more patients until the end of next week, Södersjukhuset emergency doctor Lina Stålhane tells Stockholm P4.

Health services in the Swedish capital have been overburdened unusually during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. According to Stålhane, all-day places in the area are already occupied.

— It’s full in all emergency hospitals, all intensive care units, and all geriatric departments, she says. NTB writes.

Infected employees at home are allowed to work

At the University Hospital in Uppsala, three employees were allowed to work, even though they live with people infected with the COVID-19 virus. The hospital is exempt from quarantine rules due to the presence of too many sick staff, TV4 Nyheterna reports.

People must have received the triple vaccination or the double vaccination and have contracted the COVID-19 virus. In addition, they should self-test and be symptom-free prior to work.

Several regions have already deviated from quarantine rules for health workers, or are open to doing so in the future, according to TV4 Nyheterna.

The main entrance to Danderyd Hospital

The pressure is caused by three factors, says chief medical officer Johann Stroud at Danderyd Hospital:

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– One thing is regular emergencies. In addition, there are patients with coronary heart disease and the common flu, which is increasing very rapidly at the moment, he says express.

– It’s too tight, he says.

Authorities: – There is room

On the other hand, local health authorities in Stockholm say there is room for people who need hospital care.

– No one needs to hesitate to go to the hospital if they need it, the chief medical officer of the Stockholm region, Patrick Soderbergh, tells TT news agency. He says the situation is tense and hospitals have small margins.

On December 29, more than 10,000 new cases were recorded in Sweden, according to Worldometer. DrThere has been a noticeable increase in the past seven days.

Since Wednesday, 13 deaths from the COVID-19 virus have been reported, according to the Public Health Authority. A total of 15,310 people died of coronary heart disease in Sweden.

New numbers are expected on Tuesday, January 4th, according to SVT.

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