Funny Chromecast flaw in Android 12. It will only be fixed in 2022

Funny Chromecast flaw in Android 12. It will only be fixed in 2022

There are not many who have been able to test Android 12 yet, but some of those who enjoyed this, have found that many known functions have disappeared.

It’s about being able to control the volume when playing media content in mobile apps via Chromecast. This was possible using the volume buttons of Android mobile phones, but not if the device was running Android 12.

Sonos- patents?

more Users Reported this as an error detected From 9to5Google.

The explanation for everything A Google employee is undergoing an error report. Google had to remove the feature due to a lawsuit. The solution is promised to come in Android 12.1, which is now officially called 12L. It will arrive in early 2022.

While discussing the error report itself, it turns out that the current legal dispute is most likely a patent dispute that Google has with Sonos, Where Google is accused for infringement of certain patents owned by Sonos. Whatever the case one of these It is about adjusting the volume.

It can disappear forever

Until Android 12L is released, those who already have Android 12 will have to use other methods to tune Chromecast audio. According to 9to5Google, it is possible to get it in the Google Home app.

At the same time, devices that have already received, or will soon receive Android 12, but do not receive newer versions of the operating system, risk losing this functionality forever. Google’s Pixel 3 could be one of those devices.

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