Future teachers will not be able to take third grade mathematics

Future teachers will not be able to take third grade mathematics
Nord University receives an exemption from degree requirements for a total of six teacher training courses.

Up to 35 teacher training courses are exempt from class requirements. Hence it can no longer be called a requirement.

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Almost no one wants to be a teacher these days. Maybe not so strange. Most of what you hear and read about the profession is negative. Teachers think they're underpaid, they're not sure if they can break in to prevent fights in the classroom, they're given more and more tasks — the list goes on. If we are to believe some of the reactions, teachers should shovel snow, guide parents in raising children, and be psychologists, caregivers, and family therapists. It doesn't look particularly attractive.

Not surprisingly, recruitment into this profession is slow. You can use the word “crisis”, especially when it comes to teacher education in primary schools. Since 2008, very few applicants have applied for teacher training. 24 out of 33 teacher training courses for grades 5 to 10 have less than one applicant per year. Place of study. The number of applicants has dropped by 35 percent since last year alone.

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